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What’s new about Apple iPad 2: iOS 5

On September 1, 2011, in Apple iPad online, by David

iOS 5 from Apple

Before buying new Apple device (now it’s iPad 2), everybody surely wants to know more about all kinds of news, features and options of this Apple iPad tablet.

So, the first thing that can draw any user’s attention – it is the operation system itself. In this case, the novelty is iOS 5 from Apple. As we all know, Apple produces excellent and qualitative products, and plus they make special software and utilities for these devices respectively. And so, the new iOS 5 promises to please us with many new features, both small and very necessary ones. We won’t list the declared new 200 features of iOS 5, we note only the most important and necessary ones in our opinion.


Synchronization of iOS 5 with Computer

When you charge your iPad 2, connecting it to the network, iOS 5 will automatically connect to your personal computer or notebook through iTunes. This will give you an excellent and convenient operation, in case you haven’t managed to finish it before discharging the iPad 2.


Charge your iPad 2


Independent updating iOS 5 without using the computer

Agree that it is much easier to update the OS directly on the iPad 2, rather than through a desktop computer. Well, here Apple did their best. The system will only update the main changes in it, which means the whole process is faster now. This is another absolute advantage of iPad 2 and its new iOS 5.


Integration with Twitter

Most likely, every PC user uses Twitter. Some of them can’t literally live without it. So, Apple developers tried to simplify the Twitter use. Things are very simple now: regardless of what application you are in, you can “tweet” without leaving it. All you have to do is to specify your account and password on iPad 2 once. IOS 5 will memorize them, so you could use it further anytime you want.


The notification center in iPad 2

From now on, you can peacefully work, read, play games or just watch your favorite movie, not afraid to get another notification on the screen. In the new iOS 5, notifications appear in a little line at the top of the screen and quickly disappear. So, nothing will prevent you from enjoying with your favorite program on Apple iPad 2.

Program on Apple iPad 2

If you are the owner of new Apple iPad 2, then you just need to be informed about the latest events in the world. Here the Newsstand is at your service. This is a special newspapers stand, which automatically receives news, articles, newspapers and magazines. What’s more amazing is that you can read all these news or just your favorite articles being offline. You can subscribe to any magazine and it will come in your Newsstand. It’s very convenient application of iOS 5 in the Apple iPad 2.


Multitasking gestures

The new iPad 2 touch screen allows to use even more gestures now. Besides the common gestures (slide, swipe, tap, flick, zoom, etc.), iOS 5 includes some other multitasking gestures. Well, such gestures that involve four or five fingers at once, – should significantly simplify the work on Apple iPad 2.


Game Center Update

New iOS 5 allows to upload games directly from the Game Center. Perhaps someone might consider this feature insignificant, but for the true Apple iPad 2 gamers – Game Center update will become indispensable.

In conclusion we say that these are just some of the new features of iOS 5 for Apple iPad 2; just few improvements that will delight the iPad 2 user. Nevertheless, knowing the tendency of Apple’s “mysteries”, we are sure that you’ll find a lot more new “conveniences” by yourself, after you buy Apple iPad 2. So, buy new iPad 2 online and discover a new world for you every day!

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