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What’s new about Apple iPad 2?

On November 15, 2011, in Apple iPad 2 news, by David

Earth View


Apple mobile devices were always popular and famous by their multiple applications and updated software that were high-functional and not very, sometimes just funny and cool, but always untypical and original.

One of such devices that Apple can be proud of – it is iPad 2. Well, it seems that everything has been said about Apple iPad 2, but some of you still know nothing about its possibilities and pleasant features. So, here the new application on your judgment – Earth View which suits both iPad 2 and iPhone as well.



This kind of application is meant for Apple iPad 2 owner so he could enjoy the view of marvelous scenery of different places of the world right from the bird’s-eye. So, it’s not just that you buy iPad 2 and use it as a laptop or desktop computer. You can really discover the whole world with it: familiarize yourself with famous buildings and monuments, or places you’ve always wanted to see and visit, but never known where to start from. With Apple iPad 2 Earth View, you can learn the landscape of a certain place and study the earth’s surface topography. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Although Earth View was designed in France (by GoProd), the advanced users of iPad and iPhone already know some of its developed applications that in turn showed their best. However, GoProd still focuses on cartography (mapping apps). Anyway, Apple iPad 2 seems to be designed specifically for mapping applications use: the screen is large (larger than in iPhone), therefore the navigation and searching of any scenery is much easier. Besides this, the picture of any landscape is amazing and clear, so that you can find any street or city by using you Apple iPad 2 with no efforts.



You may be surprised, but many people prefer using wider displays for such detailed resolution, and thus they tend to buy Apple iPad 2 online, rather than iPhone. But let’s go back to Earth View application.

This program interface is pretty laconic, that’s what designers from GoProd prefer – the simpler the better. But you have everything you might need here, including the QWERTY touch-keyboard that helps you to dial your request. To be more specific, Earth View application is able to find 20 nearest architectural and historical monuments and famous buildings around.

In addition, you have a detailed Wiki-information about each of them. In fact, this helps a lot. So, if you have Apple iPad 2 and got Earth View on it, you can get a capacious idea about the object you’ve chosen. And all you have to do is to type its name and you will get an image from different angles. What attracts our attention first of all, it is an incredible image quality, taking into account the resolution of the iPad 2 display.



What’s more, the Earth View developers have equipped the program with a number of useful functions and intuitive control. For instance – Random function, which helps you to make a choice, in case you don’t know what building or place to choose. Just take your Apple iPad 2 and enter Earth View application, that’s it – Random function will give you several kinds of places situated around.

So, you see there is another new application, which suits all the users and can be useful in travel, or just every-day life. For those who still doubt whether to buy Apple iPad 2 or not, we say this device is universal in many ways. Plus, you can use such a great application as Earth View only on your iPad 2 or iPhone4. So, do it right now and order new Apple iPad 2 online here, because only our online source will take you to the lowest prices and provide you the most interesting and latest applications for iPad 2!

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