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On October 28, 2012, in Apple iPad online, by David

Will Apple surprise us again? No one knows what Cupertino wizards will present us soon, but it definitely would be something special and cool. Apple never fails, especially when it comes to new versions of iPad. Yes, lots of you have already heard some rumors about upcoming “iPad 4”. But rumors are rumors, let’s make some prognosis, based on the new iPhone 5, shall we?

Because iPhone 5 is among the best high-quality technical devices made by Apple yet, the upcoming iPad must be really similar to it. In particular this applies to the display of new iPad. The display should be different, updated, because iPad 2 and the new iPad are already optimal gadgets by operation and characteristics. It is expected that display of iPad 4 is going to be multi-layered: touch-screen, LCD and protecting glass. So if developers apply the in-cell technology (touch-screen and LCD integrated into one component), the new iPad 4 might become the thinnest gadget.

The “Lightning”

Those who has got new iPhone 5, already know about Lightning 8-pin connector instead of regular USB doc slot. So, if iPad 4 becomes thinner, then probably all accessories should become different as well. And soon we hopefully can test Lightning connector in iPad of the fourth generation.

Because Apple iPhone 5 is much thinner than its previous version, just imagine how thin the new iPad 4 may become! Probably the thinnest tablet computer ever made! I bet this is the goal of Apple designers and this is what we shall expect from new Apple iPad 4 generation.

Overall, in case iPad 4 won’t become any thinner compared to the previous generation (iPad 3 or “the new iPad”), it will definitely get this Lightning 8-pin connector, because iPhone 5 already has it and Apple never take step back.

Now let’s talk about the processor. Apple iPhone 5 has got A6 processor (the fastest and most powerful so far) among all the rest mobile devices on the market. Apple will hardly develop more advanced version of A6 for the next few years. So we can safely assume that namely A6 will be CPU in the new iPad 4. Well, Apple has already used one type of processor in the previous generations of iPad and iPhone. The processor was similar, only the frequency was different: iPhone 4 (A4) had 800 MHz, but iPad (A4) had 1 GHz. But later released iPad 2 had 200 MHz higher CPU frequency than iPhone 4S. Well there is the new iPad with its A5X, which is unique so far, but this was just a necessary step to support the Retina display (which is 2048 x 1536 ppi). The world just doesn’t manage to keep up with Apple developers!

The question is whether Apple is going to repeat their trick and put A6X into iPad 4 (instead of A6 of iPhone 5), as they did with iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. More likely it’s going to be A6X in the new iPad 4.

Battery life

Those who have already bought sixth generation iPhone, could enjoyed the improved battery quality and duration in the new device. We know the tendency: once Apple invented something new, it applies its technology in all upcoming versions either of iPad or iPhone. And it is good, since the battery life is a big deal when it comes to modern smart electronic device.

So there is a strong likelihood that Apple is going to put the same long-life battery in the new iPad of the fourth generation. Just imagine: stronger, faster, high-quality, high-precision and simply incredible new iPad can appear really soon!

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