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Okay, it’s 2012 already and we all have expected some new gadgets on the market of electronic devices. Just as they promised, Apple have represented the new iPad 3, a so-called “farewell gift” from Steve Jobs. Well, it’s a real bomb. The capacity of iPad 3 is more powerful than XBOX 360, speaking of new screen – it is unsurpassed so far. Let’s start our iPad 3 review.

To begin with, it’s no way that the new iPad version is going to fail, absolutely not. Apple producers have always intrigued their consumers, and for good reason. Besides, everybody knew that it’s time for a new huge hi-tech blow. So, the time has come!

The question is, whether a 3rd-generation Apple iPad can win the first prise, become to all gadget producers a model to follow on the worldwide market. Absolutely! Moreover, Apple competitors will try to make everything possible to produce at least a little bit similar product soon. The new iPad establishes high standard by presenting its new features, capabilities and applications, and no doubt it is moving far ahead of other producers.

Three times renewing the characteristics (recall: the new processor; video system; memory capacity; camera and what is more important – new super screen), iPad 3 became number one product once again on the tablet computer market. There are no analogues so far, and won’t probably appear soon. Meanwhile, Apple will present us its new creation – iPad 4 in the nearest future.

Everybody was wondering what they will see on the iPad 3 conference, including competitors. Now they know, and will probably try to develop some new “toys” not very soon. If they will, still their gadgets will only look like iPad 3, and still will be worse by technical characteristics and other aspects.

As you remember, users were expecting the new HD display in upcoming iPad 3, back to presentation of iPad 2. Everybody was expected to see HD quality on the new iPad 2, but it never happened, probably developers decided the right time hasn’t come yet. Anyway, iPad 2 was the greatest achievement for that time even without HD quality display.

However, it became clear later that high-definition screens are just a matter of time, becoming standard for such great electronic producers as Samsung or LG. Speaking of, they have already claimed about upcoming high-definition screens in their products, which means they’ll soon launch massive release of new gadgets.

Well, when we didn’t see the expected display in iPad 2, many have probably decided that Apple lost its chance to stay number one producer by making innovative devices in the world. But as it turned out, they just wanted to take time to improve some features and develop a new-generation product iPad 3.

Retina display – all we were waiting for!

An incredibly awesome screen the new iPad 3 has got now (not just in iPhone 4S), no words to explain how cool it is! The resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels (don’t forget it’s a tablet PC!). To compare with, imagine your biggest desktop PC display – iPad 3 resolution is still higher!
It’s like if you were a cave man with fire and stuff, and now you have electricity. This is how revolutionary iPad 3 retina display is today. Like we’ve said, retina display is in the iPhone too. Still, those art designers and artists, who use high-end monitors on their PCs (that have cost them probably tens of thousands of dollars!), can be shocked knowing that such regular-user-tablet computer has got the same features. Well, the future is coming and that’s great.

According to the analysis of computer industry, iPad 3 places electronics to a new level of standards and quality. It is known that the future TV sets will have 4K screens, instead of Full HD, that’s what they say. In other words, this is 4 times higher number of pixels in the screen. It is almost the same in iPad 3, comparing to the old version, and it gives an incredible quality picture. Pixels are so small, that you can’t see them, and the picture is so clear just like in magazine (well you can use it as magazine, why not?). This kind of high resolution leaves all modern electronic competitors far behind, since there’s no sense to make it higher now. In this field – iPad 3 is becoming a high-quality standard for years.

However, this all means that Apple will go in other direction, updating other features: color transfer and contrast; matrix response; 3d image and other characteristics they can develop. Obviously, the next matrix generation will become – OLED/AMOLED and other organic light-emitting diods (LED). Speaking of the new iPad, it has definitely reached top of tablet PCs, being unique so far.

iPad 3 – Body and design

Well, the new iPad 3 has pretty much the same aluminum body. The same shape, the same size, only a little bit heavier than the previous version iPad 2. However, it is all about the new screen and it’s not a disadvantage at all. Obviously, Apple producers decided not to change well-known design, classic is classic.

The only lack stays the absence of connectors and SD slot. Hope they’ll appear in new iPad, until then…

Apple iPad 3 is a perfect and highly functional device to make photo and video shooting, image processing and so on. Besides, wireless file-transfer is good, was good in old iPad 2 and now it’s even better.

Above all, everyone expected to see the name of new iPad, since we know iPad, iPad 2… Will it be iPad 3, or iPad 2S? No, it was called simply – “the new iPad”. Perfect, we already love it.

The processor

New processor is of ARM architecture and Apple completion. It is not A6 as expected, but A5X. Although quad-core processor required more energy, it was expected that iPad 3 will have something like dual-core (compensation for high-resolution retina display). Nevertheless, The new iPad has got two processor cores and four video cores. The video cores play major role in processing of HD images.

Unlike previous 512Mb RAM (iPad 2), the new one has 1G, which is significantly more. Apple producers found it high enough, times two higher than in iPad 2. Well, it is pretty much all about RAM of The new iPad, since Apple never talk much about it.


The new iPad is better, stronger and newer. However, the battery life is still 10 hours without recharging, just as in iPad 2. Ten-hours-work includes a regular use, use of 3G or even future 4G connection. But there is a difference between iPad 2 and The new iPad. The old battery takes 25 Watts per hour, and new one – almost 43 Watts. That’s why the new battery takes more space inside the new iPad 3 – it takes almost the entire size of the tablet. Due to the increased volume and size of the battery, the recharge now takes a little more time. Well, it is reasonable, since it can handle updated high definition and work capacity.


iPad 3 got the new camera called iSight (as in iPhone 4S), which is definitely good quality camera not 8.0 but 5.0 megapixels (still amazing). Among advanced features, the camera has: auto focus, image stabilization, balance of white, face detection, etc. Moreover, you can now make 1080p video, and it’s really huge, comparing to iPad 2.

This update camera is a good and unexpected innovation, because as you remember the video and photo shooting wasn’t so good in the previous versions of Apple iPad. The quality of images was worse than in iPhone, but everything Apple does – it does perfectly. As a result, developers made camera much better, which can be compared to high-quality photo cameras. Again, iPad 3 is just a tablet computer.

The good thing is that from now on, you can shoot videos and edit them right on the Apple iPad 3. If you’ve ever done this before, you should know that Full HD video freezes and takes much time on a regular desktop PC or iPad 2, now it’s not a problem anymore. Plus, you can edit videos with your fingers, smoothly and easily, and what’s more important – quickly.

The last but not the least, it is that the new iPad of third generation supports 4G LTE. Well, you can still use Wi-Fi if you want, but Apple looks to the future.

For the conclusion, it should be noted that Apple did what they’ve promised recently: presented us the innovative updated third-generation iPad. The features are amazing, screen resolution blows our minds and it’s simply cool must-have device. If you have iPad 2, but doubting whether to buy iPad 3 or not, it’s up to you. But if you are looking for new-generation hi-tech, multi-function gadget – you should buy iPad 3.

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