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There is hardly a person, who has no personal computer or tablet computer nowadays. The truth is that most people got used to work on computer with the fullest screen brightness. That’s right, especially in the evening when it’s darker than at daytime. Why do we do so? Well, some people have poor lighting at home, the others just never think of it. But either way, we all are subject to eye sight and sleep issues and will face this problem sooner or later.

You might be surprised to find out that screen brightness on your computer must be as low as possible namely in the evening and at night. And it’s not about saving energy, the thing is that you actually spend a lot of time surfing the web, playing games or watching movies in the evening, not during the day. But your eyes become especially sensitive and vulnerable at dark and evening time, not mentioning you get home from work tired every day. Remember how you feel tired at work all the time, though you seem to sleep well every night?

So these are several facts, describing why it is bad for your health to work on computer with bright screen backlight. Everyone decides for himself whether these facts are true or false. Let’s start.

Screen backlight of tablet computer (either Apple iPad 2, the new iPad or any other) is as harmful as screen backlight of any desktop computer (not any just modern versions, because the “old” ones cannot be even compared with the new iPad). According to scientists’ research (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY), the lighting hinders normal sleep of a person at night. It means that you cannot sleep properly and rest fully at night even if you fall asleep as usually.

Back to the research, if person uses any electronic device (iPad tablet) with bright screen backlight within 2 hours (minimum), it can suppress the release of melatonin (hormone, circadian rhythm regulator). As a result, person falls asleep much later than he usually does without this backlight effect. Unfortunately people are not able to notice this, especially teenagers. Simply put people get no rest, while sleeping at night.

Another research was held by professor Mariana Figuero, head of “Light and health” program in terms of the Research center. This research involved about dozen of people who were playing games, watching movies and reading books on tablet computers with bright screen backlight. The results revealed that 2-hour impact of iPad 2 or iPad 3 screen backlight reduced the release of melatonin by 22%, in case the device was used before sleep. Herewith, backlight affects the circadian system, preventing from falling asleep. So this research proves negative impact of bright backlight of tablet computer on human health and namely on sleep regime.


NB! Screen brightness must be adjusted according to time of the day.

But science develops, inventing new models of electronic devices that have no negative impact on human sleep and wakefulness regime. Hopefully, scientists will manage to create some electronic gadgets soon, able to adjust backlight according to time of the day. This may become a benefit, since there are lots of night-readers worldwide. Who knows, maybe they will create some tablet computers that can cure people. We already familiar with light-therapy. Imagine the light spectrum fits the lighting, used in modern medicine. In perspective such tablet computers may become a new “light therapy” for many people.

Do not work at night – it’s bad for your health!

Scientists found out that melatonin is produced at nighttime, to be more specific at dark. This hormone is so-called clock for human body. It tells us when to sleep and when to stay awake to feel good. That’s why you want to sleep when it’s night, even if you are indoors. What lighting and computer backlight do they “cheat” on our circadian system so your body doesn’t want to sleep when the light is on. Lack of restful sleep leads to obesity, diabetes and even cancer with time. So it is best not to work at night.

The brighter the light at night the more harmful for the eyes. It is remarkable that this damage on your eyes also depends on type of task you are performing. So when you work on the tablet computer (iPad 2, the new iPad tablet or any other) with bright backlight on within two hours, your eyes are damaged and melatonin levels are minimum. So you see, it’s not the light but the brightness of light at night that affects your sleep.

The point is that computer developers should create devices that can set up the backlight automatically, depending on time of the day. So that people, who prefer reading at night, or who have to work this late, could sleep well no matter what.

Until then, those people who still turn on their screen light up to the maximum, must be very careful. Think twice: do you really want to be tired all the time, instead of feeling good? Best advice: turn the backlight as low as possible if you want to sleep well at night. Or better turn off your iPad 2 and go to bed!

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