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New opportunities for iPad 2: iCloud

On September 9, 2011, in Apple iPad 2 news, by David

the new horizons to iPad 2

iCloud discovers the new horizons for Apple iPad 2





The U.S. Apple Company continues to surprise us every day. Thus, Apple producers develop not just their famous gadgets but special up-to-date applications and software for these gadgets as well. It would seem that Apple has come up with everything it could for greater simplicity and ease of iPad 2, iPod and iPhone 4 use. What else can Apple producers invent? It turns out they can. The iCloud.

It sounds exactly in Apple style – iCloud (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Nevertheless, it’s not a new “igadget”, as many might think, but simply a very useful application for synchronization of data in your Apple products (any of them) and just for the convenience of using iPad 2, iPod touch, iPhone, etc.

So, what is iCloud in fact and how does it work? ICloud is a kind of large data base application, which stores your photos, records, calendar notes, mail, messages and other content from your device. ICloud is acting like a separate program that synchronizes your Apple devices and therefore sends your new content to all of them. It’s like a virtual hard drive with 5 GB (in case it’s not enough for storing your info – you can increase the memory volume from your device). Simply put, once you uploaded a new photo or note into iPhone, iCloud will send it immediately to your Apple iPad 2 or Mac OS notebook. So, you don’t have to do anything, iCloud is wireless and works independently. It is pretty handy, isn’t it? And now we say – since Apple developed such a great opportunity for you, you should definitely buy iPad 2 now if you still don’t have it.

Now, let’s take a closer look to iCloud and how it’s actually works. First you have to go to iTunes (either from iPhone, or iPad 2) and download the iCloud. You can set up an automatic download or choose the item every time you want it. For example:

1. Automatic Downloads: device (e.g. iPad 2) → Settings → Store → Music / Apps / Books → press ON (in Automatic Downloads).


2. Selective Downloads: iTunes → Purchased → Not On This iPad (iPhone, etc.) → Recent Purchases → press the “Cloud” button to upload it to your device.

The application is truly convenient. From now on you can choose whatever information you need on your Apple devices. ICloud helps to avoid using cables in order to sync your PC to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 2. It is as simple as Apple can only be. ICloud works for you. Let’s say you’re a business man and have iPad 2, iPhone and Mac computer. You made notes on your iPhone, later you need them at the iPad – so use iCloud today to sync them once and for all. That’s it – you don’t need to connect to PC → iPhone → iPad and vice versa. Or for instance, you want to share a book with your mom, but you are at work and she is at home. So, she simply can enter iCloud from her iPhone or iPad and choose this book, because IT IS ALREADY THERE! A piece of cake.

And now more about what iCloud can do.

iCloud works for you



ICloud allows you to sync your purchased music to all your Apple (3G; Wi-Fi) devices. Once you set “On” button in Automatic Downloads (Music), – your purchased tracks will be pushed to all your Apple or Mac devices. Still, in case you forgot to do this, your purchased music will be stored in iCloud, so you can download it to your other devices anytime.

Photo Stream


When you make pictures saving them on iPhone, for example, they are automatically stored in iCloud. So, once again – you don’t have to sync your PC with iPhone or iPad 2 in order to have these pictures on them. With iCloud, your photo shots are already available on Apple devices which you have. Remember: your devices should have iOS and Wi-Fi to be able to work with iCloud. ICloud stores the pictures and other data during 30 days, so you’ll have plenty time to operate with it. The opportunity to demonstrate your photos to your friends on any of Apple devices is just amazing. And today it is so easy.



Again, if you store the document in iPad 2, you can view it on your iPhone wherever you are. Make changes, notes, make new documents and use the iCloud. You have iPhone, Apple iPad 2 and Mac laptop, but with iCloud it seems like you have just one device – everywhere accessible.


Applications, Books and Backups


Let’s say you are an advanced user – like to upload lots of different applications. For your note: they are stored at App Store, so iCloud can automatically send all the new apps to your devices. Therefore, you can read your favorite book without interruption (your iPad is at home for example and the book is so good, so you want to continue reading on your iPhone). ICloud can help you with that, again. And finally, iCloud creates backups of all stored information automatically.


Contacts, Calendar and Mail


With iCloud you have a free mail account on and now you can check your mail from any of your Apple iPad 2, iPhone or Mac. Create your personal schedule in Calendar and make notes every day, or point some dates, – iCloud will send them to all your compatible devices. It turned out pretty convenient for families and sportsmen. Or, let’s say you are a manager of the company and you staff has got apple iPhone or iPad. So, you can schedule your business day or birthdays and all the employees are able to see them. Cool!

As you can see, the new Apple iPad 2 becomes better than ever with iCloud application. So, if you still do not have this amazing device, we can tell you where to buy iPad 2. Just follow our special link and you will find there a reliable place where you are offered to buy iPad 2 online or to buy iPad 2 3G. Whatever model you choose, you buy iPad 2 cheap, because we care about our customers and can afford to offer the lowest price. So, it’s up to you – to buy iPad 2 now or wait. Anyway, you can always find the newest information on Apple iPad 2 and Apple iPad 2 3G and on how to buy iPad 2 here.

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