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New Apple iPad 3 Cases Review

On April 25, 2012, in Apple iPad 3, by David

Everybody has expected the occurrence of the third generation iPad impatiently. No one knew what to expect from Apple that time. Fortunately, the developers only changed the “stuffing” of new iPad but not the design. Well, it’s for the best, because first of all, the old-good classic design of iPad 2 is optimally slim and handy. Secondly, most of iPad 2 accessories can fit the new third generation iPad (or let’s call it simply – “iPad 3”). Speaking of iPad accessories, it’s time to talk about iPad 3 cases.

What is so special about iPad cases and why do we need them? The major function of these accessories is to protect the new iPad from scratches, hit and all known damages. Next goes convenience in use, namely adhesion with hands and variety of build-in stands for easy placement of the device on the table, in the car and other surfaces.

There is a huge variety of covers and cases on the today’s market for new iPad. The good news is that almost all of them are good for both iPad 2 and the new iPad equally. You can find clear skin covers, leather cases, screen protection film, cases with wireless keyboard, grip cases and others. Let’s take a closer look at some of them to demonstrate some of them so that you can choose and buy iPad 3 cases online easily.

If you are a lucky owner of the new iPad third generation and want to take care of it, then first of all you need screen protector film.

1. Splash Masque Screen Protector

(film clear)

This type of iPad 3 clear cover is meant specifically to protect the screen from scratches and finger prints. Splash Masque Screen Protector is a clear film cover that is easy to apply, handy to use and quite cheap to buy. The approximate price for Splash Masque Screen Protector on the market is $10, so you can buy iPad screen protector online and save your money.


2. Armour Suit Military Shield

(lifetime replacements)

Special Military Shield for your new iPad is supplied in two versions: first one is two-side clear film shield; the other comes in clear film shield for screen and black carbon fiber film shield for back panel. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose any of them, since the price is equal – about $19.95 – $20. This Military Shield is made of high-durable and non-sticky material to protect the iPad screen from fingerprints, grease, scratches and other harmful impact. Armour Suit Military Shield is easy to install, all you need is to follow the instructions. After you unbox Armour Suit Military Shield, you will find application spray, installation card (to remove excess liquid and air bubbles from beneath the film), application guide, micro-fiber cloth and Armour Suit Military Shield film itself.




3. Amzer Silicone Jelly Skin Cover

This kind of iPad 3 cover comes in different colors. It has extra pads on the corners to maximize the protection for your iPad 3, pretty thin case though. All ports are open and easily accessible and the price is low compared to similar products – about $20 – $24. This iPad protection case is good against accidental bumps, since its soft silicone material covers all the frame surface of the new iPad. You can buy this iPad 3 cover by following our website and ordering it online.



4. Polka Dot Pattern PU Leather Flip Stand Case

Who said that iPad covers and cases have to be just protective? Some people do like fashion so much that they choose even fashionable iPad accessories. Polka Dot Pattern PU Leather Flip Stand Case is one of such lovely accessories. Made in six different colors, this product will please the taste of any woman of fashion. Polka Dot Pattern PU Leather Flip Stand Case covers all surfaces of the iPad. It has a special grip on the backside to set it on the table, and also can be placed in portrait mode. Another advantage – Polka Dot Pattern PU Leather Flip Stand Case wakes up and puts to sleep the new iPad when being opened, or closed respectively. The price is extremely low for that kind of product – around $20 online.


5. Crocodile Alligator Print PU Leather Case Cover

Speaking of fashionable accessories, meet Crocodile Alligator Print PU Leather Case Cover for the new iPad. Eight colors available and all of them are gorgeous, if you are super-mod. Just like all the other cases and covers for new iPad, Alligator Print PU Leather Case Cover gives you the access to all keys and slots. The note-book design gives you handy and nice-looking iPad 3 case that is inexpensive too. You can buy iPad case online at $20 – $25.


6. Crux 360 Keyboard Case

This is a new solution for those, who need high performance and fast typing on the new iPad. Let’s be honest, iPad is a great multi-function device, but not quite suitable for rapid typing. That’s why, one might need wireless Bluetooth keyboard and we have one. Crux 360 Keyboard Case is 3 in 1 new iPad accessory that meets all needs of any user. First of all, it’s the keyboard, which is wireless, connected via Bluetooth and quite large for convenient typing. The keyboard last up to 120 hours and can be recharged via mini USB cable (comes in the kit).

Second of all, it is the cover case itself – Crux 360 Keyboard Case has a special frame holder that holds in the new iPad perfectly. Just place it into the removable case and there you go – you have a complete iPad – laptop. You can place Crux 360 Keyboard Case into four positions: 1. Laptop mode (open it for easy typing); 2. Movie mode (open it and turn the keyboard face down – to watch movies, video or photos); 3. Tablet mode (turn the keyboard downwards to lay your tablet on it) and 4. Protective mode (close the iPad). All these four modes are easy adjustable, to provide you handy use and easy access to your iPad 3. Today, you can buy Crux 360 Keyboard Case online for just $111.


7. Trent Grabbit Case

If you prefer to combine the appearance and comfort using, then Trent Grabbit Case for the new iPad 3rd generation will fit you best. The case itself is made of hard durable material that perfectly protects the iPad. Leather handle on the backside is comfortable to place the new iPad on your hand without slipping or falling down. Adjustable multi-rotation stand foot provides good fixation on the table or any other smooth surface. All the ports and slots are accessible and the handle is soft to touch.

If you decided to buy new iPad 3rd generation, you can do it at online store to save money. Our website provides all the necessary information on where to buy iPad 3 online these days. But n case you already have this great device, but want to buy iPad 3 accessories, you are also welcomed to our website. By following our links, you can buy iPad 3 case online. You just need to choose among these amazing iPad cases and covers we’ve reviewed here. Make your choice and enjoy the new iPad 3rd generation!

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