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On August 24, 2011, in iPad Reviews, by David

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In March 2011, Steven Jobs introduced the new tablet PC from Apple Company – iPad 2. The iPad 2 release date was announced on the 2nd March, 2011.

In 2010 was the year when they distributed about 15 million of iPad tablets. And now in 2011 a lot of different companies start producing their own PC tablets, but none of them even come close to the first iPad. What do we see now? Apple produces the new modernized version iPad 2.

According to declared features, iPad 2 has got now the new A5 dual-core processor with 1 GHz. They say iPad 2 is able to operate 9 times faster than the first iPad. The main operation system iOS 4.3, HD video support, two cameras, FaceTime calls – all this makes iPad 2 the most exciting and expectable device in our days.

Apple producers did their best to satisfy all possible wishes of consumer and made among iPad 2 accessories a new super-cover for iPad 2. This Smart Cover (as they call it) was designed especially for iPad 2 and it’s really amazing. It is made of two materials – polyurethane and leather cover, presented in ten different colors. Smart Cover has special magnets inside, so iPad 2 covers perfectly fit the iPad 2. Both of the devices are very thin and perfectly complement each other. When being covered by Smart Cover, iPad 2 goes to sleep, and when opened, iPad 2 starts working again. What’s more, Smart Cover can be used as a desktop stand for easy viewing the video. You just need to roll over the cover in order to make it a desktop stand. The official price of polyurethane version is $39 and leather version – $69 at the stores.

The new iPad 2 comes in two colors – black and white. And new embedded application – GarageBand will please all musicians. This application allows you to play piano, drums and guitar using your fingers on tablet PC iPad 2. Apple developers have also included iMovie program for editing the video and photo shots. Every iPad 2 contains a special digital compass that supports A-GPS. Many Apple fans have already appreciated all these efforts and innovations of iPad 2 creators. And which is more exciting, today iPad 2 has the same price as iPad the first edition had.

There are lots of fans and opposers of Apple products, including the new iPad 2. Still, the appearance of iPad 2 caused a great stir within the USA. People stood in large queues at the stores – everybody wanted to buy iPad 2. You can still see the pictures of it on the web. However, the official price of iPad 2 stays pretty high. That’s why online stores are best places to buy cheap iPad 2 online.


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