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Luxa 2 SlimBT Bluetooth Stand Case for iPad

On October 20, 2012, in Apple iPad 3, by David

Whether you are a teenager or adult or even elderly, you can still live active life and be on touch with latest innovations and modern electronic gadgets. Since Apple began its production, people keep enjoying their products: iPhone, iPod, iPad and who knows what they will invent else in the future. Therefore many companies keep making various accessories and tools for these gadgets, because people love all new things and prefer comfort. Today we shall speak about Apple iPad 2 or iPad 3 accessory, namely Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case for iPad.


It is a so-called folder for Apple iPad 2 or the new iPad of third generation with detachable Bluetooth keyboard. You can use Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case with this keyboard or without it, since it is easily removable. Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case, holds Apple iPad 2 tight, saving it from falling on the floor or any other solid surface. So you won’t lose your iPad 2 or the new iPad anywhere.

Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case has got slots for all the necessary iPad 2 or iPad 3 keys. Therefore you have the access to any of them whenever you need. Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case can be locked with magnet latch and can be set by the leg-stand on the table or any other smooth surface.

Now it’s time to move to the keyboard. Since Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case is a Bluetooth keyboard, it is adjusted easily, just turn on the wireless module and press the search button. Your iPad will “find” the device in a second. After that you press the code and enter key. All the keys on the keyboard are smooth and handy, just like on the Apple MacBook. There are Home, Spotlight and Volume buttons even.

The battery life is up to 100 hours of continuous work (since the battery has 580 mAh), which is incredibly long for such compact device. So you can charge Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case rarely, about 1-2 times per month (via USB – microUSB). It takes only three hours to be recharged completely.



Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case is unusual in a way. The truth is that if you used to work with iPad you don’t need a mouse, but at the same time you have here a standard keyboard (which makes iPad in the Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case case look like an ordinary laptop). But you’re getting used to it pretty soon. Overall it is much more comfortable to type text on a “physical” keyboard, rather than on virtual keyboard of Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. Although Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case has quick-response keys, you may misprint for a while. But it usually happens with all new keyboards.

If you have to work on your iPad all the time, moving from one place to another, you don’t want to take heavy laptop with you anymore. Now you have iPad Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case, which is lightweight and slim (10 mm width and just 256 g weight), moreover it protects your iPad screen. You can type text faster than on regular iPad touch-keyboard. Plus, you have key combinations that help to avoid taping on the iPad display every time when you need to change language, font, copy/paste, etc.

Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case is made of smooth and soft leather and microfiber, providing accurate attachment to the device without sharp metal or plastic grips that can damage your iPad. No wires, no massive details, just comfy compact stand case with Bluetooth keyboard for Apple iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Personally I found this accessory very useful and ideal for typing job on my iPad 3. If you have any Apple iPad and you want to type quickly (let’s be honest the touch keyboard is not so quickly responsive), then you might like new Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case for iPad. You can find it on any online store of Apple accessories and buy Luxa 2 SlimBT Stand Case online at reasonable price. Otherwise it may cost you quite expensive at regular electronic store, so take your pick.

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