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Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker for iPad

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It’s been a pleasure for many fans of electronic devices to see Apple development, since they have issued lots of new products during recent years. The company presented us different generations of iPod, iPhone and iPad. You just have to choose one, though every single piece of this “bitten apple” is tasty, isn’t it?
Moreover, you can see huge amount of accessories for these devices that can blow up your mind. Today many companies do their best to create something special for iPad, iPhone, iPod or altogether. This time it’s New Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker for iPad (or iPhone whatever you like to use it). So this is a brief Jawbone Jambox review for fans of Apple products and modern accessories.

Let’s take a closer look at packing:

1. Jawbone Jambox speaker itself
2. Long USB-cable
3. Short USB-cable
4. Audio cable (3.5mm)
5. Power adapter
6. Speaker Cover
7. Instruction

Jawbone speakers by Aliph have always been amazing and flawless to be honest. It’s like a separate set of high-quality accessories for Apple products. There is Jawbone and there are the rest of speakers, if you ask me. That’s how good they are. Since the very first moment of testing it, we notice highest quality and powerful large amplitude sound. Jawbone Jambox size is: 59 x 22 x 15 inches and it is still so powerful that can cover the whole room!


Simple and laconic as all smart devices should be. Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker looks like a small rectangular box with classic metal speaker grille all over the body. The weight is just 327 grams and it has different colors: black, red, blue, gray. Each color has different grille design, which makes an interesting solution and pleases different consumers’ taste. Everyone can choose the color he likes the most.

Jawbone Jambox design is quite convenient, yet the slots and connectors are located not as usually but on the side of the speaker (microUSB, headphone-jack 3.5mm slot and power adapter). Also you see multi-function, volume up/down buttons on top of Jawbone Jambox speaker. According to Jawbone Jambox instructions, it has new and very handy feature: you can connect your iPhone or iPad to Jawbone Jambox speaker via Bluetooth. No need to mess around with the headphones wires this time.

It comes with specially designed cover, which is really nice-to-touch a black velvet “clothing” for Jawbone Jambox and fits it perfectly. Plus it looks very minimalistic and stylish.


As it was mentioned above, the three buttons on top of the device are volume controllers and multi-function button. Depending on purposes, it can turn on/off the Jawbone Jambox speaker, answer/decline calls and many other things. There is also an indicator and little sliding key, responsible for power on and off feature. This key is illuminated with different colors which is lovely and every time when you turn it on, the speaker notifies you with pleasant female voice.
Jawbone Jambox supports MyTalk, so you can change the voice or add some sound apps. It’s quite handy and simple.

Battery life

The battery works for 10 hours (depending on how often you turn it on and the volume of audio content). You can see battery life indicator on the iPhone or iPad (whatever it is attached to), which is convenient too. Overall, the Li-on battery will definitely serve you for full 8 hours, so you can take it with you in the car, on picnic or elsewhere.

Sound quality

Now first of all, Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker is meant for all Apple devices and it’s cool. Whether you have iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad or iPhone, you can connect it to any of these, or moreover connect them all together (multipoint). One more thing: you can use Jawbone Jambox speaker not just for music listening, but as conference speaker as well. The device has got microphone and the quality of sound is just amazing for such small device. Think over, you can even use Jawbone Jambox on laptop for Skype conferences, not bad huh?

But Jawbone Jambox speaker is best on its fullest volume up! It can be really loud! Turn it on and play your favorite game (racing is cool!), watch a movie or just listen to the music. You will hear Jawbone Jambox speaker even from other room, while you are cleaning the house or just chilling around.

Jawbone Jambox price is more than reasonable for such compact and multifunction device for Apple products. Of course you can buy it in store but Jawbone Jambox is best to buy online. Overall, Jawbone Jambox sale hit the records, so you should try it too.

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