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On August 22, 2011, in Apple iPad online, by David

the new iPad 2

Since the appearance of iPad 2, multiple editions rushed to praise the new product. But is it really so much better than the previous iPad first version?

The look and features of iPad and iPad 2

Comparing two smart devices of Apple, it’s always hard to say which one is better, since all Apple products fit any consumer. However, the producers say that they have taken into account all the disadvantages of the “old” version and created the perfect iPad device. Let’s see if it is true.

At the first sight, the iPad 2 tablet looks exactly the same as previous iPad version. But the differences are obvious: it became thinner, lighter and shorter. Besides external differences, the new iPad 2 has up-dated software: dual-core processor, 512 Mb RAM, improved video system and two cameras (on the front and backside panel). More specifically, the new iPad 2 tablet comes with Apple A5 chip with more powerful graphic system. In addition, the battery duration has not decreased; it works up to 14 hours with no extra charging.

The good thing about up-dated software is that iPad 2 works much faster, allowing you to enjoy the ease and speed of action. Now, with iPad 2 you will forget about braking, when scrolling the page. And if you are a gamer, you will be definitely pleased with extraordinary graphics, sound and speed of the new device.

Apple producers introduced two cameras in the new iPad 2, so now you can easily make video and Face Time calls! The resolution of screen is just amazing. You can still watch movies, news, music videos and play games. The picture looks just as in real life. Today, if you decide to buy iPad 2 you will get a modern high-tech helper, which is now equipped with the new convenient accessory – Smart Cover.

This is really good supplement to the innovative iPad 2. Smart Cover was designed especially for this product, in order to minimize size and weight of iPad 2 tablet. Producers created not just a screen cover, but a stylish handy and unique cover-support. Smart Covet fits only this new device – iPad 2. It has no zipper, buttons or any other fasteners.

Smart Cover is light and thin, it is attached directly to the tablet, keeping it safe from dust and finger prints. Moreover, Smart Cover can be used as a desktop stand, when you’re watching a movie, photos or talking to your friends via Face Time. If want to get a perfect handy, fast and high-quality device – iPad 2 from Apple and Smart Cover is what you need. Once you have them, all your dreams will come true.

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