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Many of you surely know what child-rearing is. Okay, there are kindergartens and schools for this purpose. And what if, for example, you have the day off and you have a lot of work to do: go to a store, make some dishes or simply to relax after the heavy work week. Here is where the Apple iPad 2 is also useful for you. Don’t be surprised – iPad is suitable for kids too.

There are many useful and educational applications designed for children for the iPad. The good thing is that you have nothing to worry about: the Apple iPad is safe and handy, besides you can lock some programs or applications, which you don’t want your kids saw. So, if you have an iPad 2, or just going to buy Apple iPad 2 online, see what your children can do:

  • draw / paint
  • play games
  • study
  • develop
  • watch cartoons / movies


Probably the most exciting and creative occupation for every child is drawing. And now Apple iPad 2 has such application which is called Drawing Pad. The possibilities are truly extraordinary with it. There are over hundred different art supplies from paper (of various colors and texture) up to crayons, colored pencils, paints, stamps and even erasers. What’s good is that you can select / change the background and colors / tools anytime. Once you like your picture – save it on flash drive or send it to your friends. Drawing Pad on Apple iPad 2 fits everyone of every age. You can draw with your kids together or just show them some moves so that they could repeat it or make it even better. Choose, create and make your kids happy with Apple iPad 2!


Drawing Pad on Apple iPad 2


Playing games & Studying


Fortunately, there are lots of games for both grownups and even toddlers. Such games are designed for Apple iPad 2 and some of them are compatible with iPhone even. You may find in App Store or iTunes the following games for toddlers: “Grow your garden”, Clever Kids first Puzzle”, “Math Monkey”, “Tilly’s petting farm”, “Monkey pre-school” and many others. Well, these educational games will help your child to learn to count (whether on fruit, vegetables, animals or plants), pronounce words (e.g.: names of animals, birds, flowers, fruit, etc.). A basic math is easy to study with new Apple iPad 2. All you have to do is turn the desirable application on, lock the other applications and programs and there you go – your child can make pictures, learn words or simply watch cartoons on Apple iPad 2.
If your child is grown up enough, he/she can read tales on iPad 2. Or you can seat next to each other and you can read aloud.




It is such wonderful that iPad 2 applications can offer your child even more. There are a number of autistic kids, sadly. For parents who know what it is might need such a helper like Apple iPad 2. There are number of iPad 2 free and just cheap applications, which are aimed to facilitate the development of a child. Here are some of them:

  • PBS Kids My Journal (teaches to recognize emotions, answer the questions and to choose the correct option);
  • Virtuoso (a free application from iTunes – imitates the piano, so a child can play and listen the melodies);
  • My Splatter HD (also free on iTunes – a drawing pad with bright colors that imitates splatters of paint of different range and sizes, from dots to thick lines);
  • Soundrop (free – an interesting combination of sounds and bouncing balls. A child chooses several lines and places them the way he wants, creating a closed space in which small dots bounce off the walls, making musical sounds).
  • Look in my eyes – teaches to recognize the numbers. A child can see two digits in the eyes of a kid on the picture, after that he should choose this digit on the panel. He/she gets $2 virtual points for each correct answer.
  • Talking Tom – an amazing application. You see a sweet little kitten named Tom, who can talk to your child. You kid tells a sentence and Tom repeats it with his funny voice. So, the point of this game is that Tom cat acts like he is real and imitates all sounds and words you say. According to moms’ feedbacks, this game is favorite one for their children and it really helps to develop the communication of autistic children.

By the way, all these games fit not just autistic children, but ordinary kids as well. So, it’s time to discover all the useful and educative possibilities with new Apple iPad 2.
The possibilities are unlimited with Apple iPad 2.

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