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iPad and iPhone Pong Case

On October 26, 2012, in iPad Reviews, by David

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Because both iPad and iPhone are touch-screen devices, they need a secure anti-scratch and anti-crack protection. That’s what the covers are made for.

However, nowadays iPad and iPhone cases and covers are made in beautiful design to please the taste of any user. Pong Company does this best. Even more: Pong case for iPad and Pong Case for iPhone combine these two features plus add some new ones. The quality is just amazing for the cases! For instance, iPhone 4 Pong Case is a classic monolite plastic case, covering all sides and back panel of the iPhone. It is soft rubberized plastic and it is very nice to touch. And if it gets dirty, you can just easily clean it with soft cloth.

Speaking of Pong Case for iPad, it looks similar to iPad Smart Cover. But Pong Case for iPad covers the display and back panel too. Materials Pong Case for iPad is made of: hypoallergenic recycled leather and plastic. Although iPad Pong Case looks very similar to Apple Smart Cover, it has some differences. For example, the front cover of iPad Pong Case can be set in 8 different positions. Special segments help to bend it in various ways (on the table upwards, downwards, etc). Well Smart Cover offers only 2 positions, but consumers always want more variants to choose from.

But the most important feature and benefit of Pong Case for iPad as well as Pong Case for iPhone, it is enhanced Wi-Fi and 3G signal once you put the cover on your device. It can really improve the Wi-Fi signal if you are indoors, but not only this. Pong Case for iPad and Pong case for iPhone reduces the level of radio waves, making these electronic devices safer for the body. So if you have to use iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad 2 or the new iPad constantly and you are afraid it’s harmful, you should definitely buy Pong Case for iPad or Pong Case for iPhone. You can order Pong Case iPad online on online stores.

The point is that special technology redirects electromagnetic radiation to the opposite way of your head. According to the trials, it actually reduces the EMR by 95%, so many people would gladly use this case because of this feature.

Because when you hold your iPhone 4 close to your head, your head actually gets about 68% of EMR (and the whole body too). Well, the damage is noticeable if you speak at least 2 hours straight. Therefore Pong Case for iPad as well as Pong Case for iPhone reduces the level of specific absorption of electromagnetic radiation and also increases the 3G signal due to redirection of radio waves. In addition, your iPhone battery will last much longer thanks to optimal signal.

So let’s summarize all the benefits you get when you buy iPad Pong Case or iPhone Pong Case:

First of all, you get maximum protection for your gadget, stylish design and quality.

Secondly, it provides longer battery life (one charge).

Higher quality of connection, therefore more comfortable usage of iPad or iPhone.

And last but not least: less concern about the EMR.

Overall, Pong Case for iPad and Pong Case for iPhone both deserve best marks, since lots of users have appreciated all benefits of these cases. Although the prices are pretty high, Pong Cases are worth the money. If you are interested in highest quality, new technologies and value your health, you may enjoy using new iPad Pong Case or iPhone Pong Case. And if you want to get one for your device, you can order Pong Case for iPad or Pong Case for iPhone online.

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