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iPad 3: New battery becomes thinner?

On September 13, 2011, in Apple iPad 2 news, by David

release date of new Apple iPad 3

Wow! Apple producers are really fast. According to the data of Taiwan Economic News newspaper, Apple signed a contract with Simplo and Dynapack Companies on supply of the new light-weight and thin batteries for iPad 3 tablets. Probably, they plan either to make the tablet thinner, or thereby to free some space for thicker Retina screen with high resolution.

However, the new screen is expected to be 20-30% more expensive for Apple than previous ones. But at the same time, it will improve the technical characteristics of the battery. According to the report, battery for new iPad 3 was significantly updated comparing to the previous model of Apple iPad 2. Thus, the battery became thinner, lighter and operation duration – longer.

Newspaper data say that the first release is aimed in the fourth quarter of the next year. But the serial production of new iPad 3 is planned in the 1st quarter of the next year already.

There are rumors as usual about the release of the new Apple iPad 3. Some say that Apple Company will attempt to release iPad 3 in late 2011. However, it looks like Apple keep improving the display – Retina, therefore the release date of new iPad 3 is postponed up to the beginning of 2012.

Nobody knows about the actual release date of new Apple iPad 3 for sure, but what we know is that the new Apple tablet is going to be even better than the “old” one. Some people may question whether they should buy iPad 2 or it’s better to wait a bit for Apple iPad 3. Either way – it’s up to you to choose.

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