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iPad 2 Functions

On September 2, 2011, in iPad Reviews, by David

iPad 2 functions

Every day people invent the new technical devices that are intended to make our lives better. And yet, we never stop wondering by the progress, though we make it ourselves. So, let’s go back to Apple iPad 2 and its actual functions. Of course, many of you know well what this device does, but there are some people who just want to keep up with fashion and therefore want to buy Apple iPad 2 as well.

For those, who don’t know about all the functions and advantages of Apple iPad 2, we’ve made a special short Apple iPad 2 review. Well, you probably know the main functions of Apple iPad 2, which are in short:

  • Web surfing
  • Music Player
  • Video Player
  • Email Client
  • GPS navigation (in Apple iPad 2 3G only)
  • Internet 3G (Apple iPad 2 3G respectively)

…and some extra functions, such as:

  • E-books reading
  • Voice Recorder
  • Games
  • Photo / Video shooting
  • Other free or cheap applications*

*Free applications are usually available for free or at low price in App Store online. Like we’ve mentioned before they are plenty from mini-games for children and adults, up to mini-compass, drawing tablet, organizer, etc.

Web surfing

Apple iPad 2 has a standard Safari browser, which satisfies every user (even the most sophisticated one). However if you find Safari not handy enough, you can upload some alternative browsers for Apple iPad 2 from the web (e.g.: iChromy, iPad Opera, 360 web browser, etc.).

Music Player

Like the iPod? Once you have Apple iPad 2, you have embedded iPod already. We don’t have to speak about the advantages of famous Apple iPod. It works perfectly, especially since it is perfectly compatible with the “native” iPad 2. Now you can listen to music even when iPad screen is off, which greatly saves the battery power. Plus, you can quickly download the tracks through iTunes and create playlists and folders.

Video Player

Well, the embedded video player is quite good one, though have limited number of supporting video formats. Nevertheless, Apple iPad 2 shows a perfect picture and has high-resolution display (1024 x 768 pixels / 132 ppi). It supports: MPEG-4, H.264, AVI, DVD, m4v, mov. You can always upload any other video player, which supports other video formats.

Email client

Email client helps you to check out your received letters on your email account. You may have several e-mail boxes – just enter the settings and set your accounts there. iPad 2 email client is very convenient – you can set an option to check the inbox letters in pop-up message. Stay in touch!

GPS navigation

This application is active if you have Apple iPad 3G only. It helps you to find the location wherever you are. You can set up the parameters and zoom in any desirable district you want. It’s a very useful function for those, who like traveling, or prefer to find different ways on their own.

As for the extra functions, Apple iPad 2 can be used as a book, drawing tablet, voice recorder game console, etc. Apple makers developed a perfect device that can replace a computer for many people, who values their time, space and who are always on the move. Once you decided to buy Apple iPad 2 online– do not hesitate too long, because it will change your life!

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