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iPad 2 Features

On August 23, 2011, in Apple iPad online, by David

Document editing

Recently, a decade ago, it was difficult to imagine a device that could replace a phone, video camera, notebook, TV set, books, etc. But today it is possible. Apple Company has created a perfect innovative device that combines all these functions – iPad 2.

Actually iPad 2 it’s the next generation of a revolutionary product Apple iPad. This device combines a lot of useful functions and programs. You can use iPad 2 for reading books, watching your favorite movies, working with documents and so on. The new updated design of iPad 2 makes it 30% thinner and 15% lighter than its last version, yet preserving all the advantages of the 9.7 inch LED-backlit display.

The newest dual core processor Apple A5 provides an excellent performance and amazing graphic system. It makes iPad 2 a very handy and easy-to-use device. What’s new (comparing to the iPad) is two cameras, placed on the front and back side of the device – back VGA camera supports HD video recording with resolution of 720p. Front camera allows you to make video calls (using a FaceTime technology and Photo Booth application), as well as to record the video and make photos. Although iPad 2 is much faster than its earlier edition, the duration of battery work is still about ten hours without extra charging. The new iPad 2 has got now white and black cover to suit every taste.

For those, who haven’t yet used iPad, and who want to find out more about this device, we made a short review about features and properties of iPad 2. First of all, iPad 2 is very useful for busy people and people who like to travel a lot, but needs a smaller and lighter device than a laptop.

  • Checking email and news

When being on tour or during a business trip, man can check his email box or learn the news, using iPad 2 any time he wants. This modern convenient device will help you stay up to date wherever you go.

Ipad Maps

  • Document editing

If you are on business trip, you just need to edit or compose some documents. Well, iPad 2 is made also for this function – it has a special touch keyboard, which imitates the real desktop keyboard. It is very convenient and quick, so you don’t need to take a wireless keyboard to the trip.

  • Ipad Maps

Thanks to the various applications and iPad Maps program, you can always find the necessary location or address on iPad 2. This application helps not just to find the address or location of an object, but also zoom in the particular area or region. Just imagine you can zoom in a street or square up to the real-life size, as if you were actually standing there. It’s amazing!

  • Music listening

Apple iPad 2 comes with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB flash drive. So, you can upload any music or music videos as you like. You can also make your own music using special applications that imitate drums, piano, guitar or other instruments. Listening to the music is as much easy as via iPod, iPhone or your PC. All this in just one iPad 2 device.

  • Making FaceTime calls

Apple iPad 2 developers have included two cameras in the new model. Now, you have back and front cameras, so you not only can record some videos and make pictures, but also call your friends watching them in real time. Sometimes it’s more important to see the face of a person more than hearing his voice, isn’t it?

Like we said: iPad 2 producers made a high-tech device, which is at the same time handy and easy one to use. Now, preparing to go to a trip, you don’t have to decide what to take: an MP3 player, iPod, notebook or something else. You just need to take Apple iPad 2 with you. However, many of you may note: iPad 2 is pretty expensive these days. True, but you can always use the online store to buy iPad 2 online at a lower price. So, in order to have an excellent assistant in your trip or elsewhere, you should use our offer and buy Apple iPad 2 at the online store. Millions of people have already tested this newest Apple product, join them and you will discover the wonderful world of unlimited possibilities.

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