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iPad 2 cases & covers review

On April 20, 2012, in iPad Reviews, by David



One of the first and must-need accessories for Apple iPad 2, is cover of course. Everybody wants his lovely modern device to be protected from scratches, hits, falls and other damages. Fortunately, many companies follow modern tendencies and create suitable accessories for new iPad 2.

We see a wide range of protection covers for iPad 2, from clear skin-like to massive leather covers with integrated keyboard. Depending on budget and needs, you may choose whatever you like. But how do you know what cover is best for your iPad 2? This review may help you to navigate among numerous iPad 2 covers on the web. So, here are some of most-wanted covers for iPad 2.


Silicone skin covers


Speck SmartShell is a good compliment to famous Apple Smart Cover. If you are lucky to have Apple iPad 2 and Smart Cover, but you want all-over protection – Speck SmartShell is for you.

The uniquene feature of this model is that Speck SmartShell solves major problem of Smart Cover, which is lack of protection of Apple iPad 2 back panel. It’s not a sensitive touch screen though, but still needs a scratch protection. Speck SmartShell covers gently the entire back surface of iPad 2, leaving empty spaces for the speakers and slots. Average price for Speck SmartShell is quite low about $25, so it may become a perfect addition to your original Apple Smart Cover so you won’t need to buy expensive full coverage case for your iPad 2.


Belkin Grip Vue is a nice looking clear skin cover for iPad 2. Although it only covers the back part of iPad 2, you still may find it useful enough for reasonable money. Made of hard-wearing silicone (TPU – silicone+plastic), Belkin Grip Vue is only $8-10! It is nice, soft, pleasant to the touch and doesn’t slip off your hands.

Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap is good, in case you don’t have any iPad 2 cover at all, but you cannot afford expensive ones. This silicone cover is perfect for start, costing only about $30-40. First of all, Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap is made of very thin but durable silicone, therefore provides full-coverage protection for your iPad 2. You can open it as a book and use the front cover as a stand. What’s good, is that Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap comes in different colors, so you may choose any color you want.

Griffin Survivor iPad 2 cover is a bit more expensive than the previous models, but it pays off every single dollar. The cover consists of three parts: front panel, back panel and high-quality silicone pad. Griffin Survivor was specifically designed according to the U.S. Department of Defense technology, which provides flawless protection against sand, water, scratches, fall, etc.

The back panel is made of high-quality plastic with all necessary slots, front panel is plastic with a clear screen protection shield, and finally the silicone pad is made of high-strength silicone to ensure maximum protection from scratches and hits. In addition, you have a small table stand pad to settle your iPad 2 on the table. The price is reasonable, about $60, but you get incredibly high-quality Griffin Survivor cover for iPad 2.


Leather & Integrated Keyboard Covers


Despite relatively high prices for leather based covers for iPad 2, people used to trust them more. Therefore this kind of iPad 2 covers are so popular nowadays, and that’s why their range is huge.

Speck FitFolio Case for iPad 2 is a good plastic-leather cover / stand for those users, who prefer stylish low-budget accessories. Speck FitFolio Case is lightweight and very stylish. Combination of durable plastic and genuine leather makes this iPad 2 cover affordable and handy in use. It protects your iPad 2 perfectly when closed, and is very convenient as a stand when opened. And low price ($15-25) makes it affordable for most iPad 2 owners.


SGP Leather Case Argos is a genuine leather case-stand for iPad 2. This case combines comfort, style, protection and durability. Supplied in different colors, SGP Leather Case gives you wide choice of high-quality cases. SGP Leather Case Argos is absolutely great protection for your iPad 2. Book-style leather hand-made design of this case meets all your needs for quite low price on the market, something like $70. No bulky fasteners and pockets, just a slim handy leather case. You will love this stylish case on your iPad 2.

Okay, it’s time for something bigger… Lots of people cannot get used to a touch-screen keyboard, therefore some producers have issued iPad 2 cases with integrated keyboard. Twee Case CS-2 is one of such covers. This leather cases not only protects your iPad 2 against scratches and other damages, but also will help you to type fast when you’re on trip or just outside. Light and handy design, provides convenient use and transportation.


ZAGG also produces some cool fashioned iPad 2 cases, like for example ZAGG Folio Keyboard for iPad 2. This company became known for its high-quality products, including iPad 2 accessories. ZAGG Folio iPad 2 keyboard case is flawless: multi-color case, wireless Bluetooth keyboard and absolutely incredible quality!

First of all, this case is thin, handy and stylish. It comes in seven different colors in polyurethane and three classical leather kinds. All ten are very beautiful and unique. Moreover, you can choose the color of keyboard itself! Black, white or silver – choose your best style for iPad 2! The price is higher that of previous models (around $80-99), but you’ll see it’s worth it.

ZAGG Folio Keyboard turns your iPad 2 in a small and handy notebook. Just put iPad 2 into the case and insert it into special docking groove. And you are ready to type as fast as you need. The keyboard is slim and has all the control keys you need. You can use it either with stand or without it.

It is you, who choose suitable cover case for your iPad 2 in the end. Still, before making your final choice, consider the price-quality ratio and your needs. Hope this iPad 2 covers review was helpful for you. And if you decide to buy any of these iPAd 2 covers online, just follow our links of cheap iPad 2 covers. We’re always glad to help our loyal visitors to find their way in a huge sea of iPad 2 accessories!

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