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iPad 2 and GPS Navigation

On August 31, 2011, in Apple iPad online, by David

the GPS receiver

Progress in the apps development for Apple iPad 2 is unstoppable, and today iPad 2 is not just a versatile PC tablet, but also a multifunctional electronic device, which can be used as GPS-navigator, too.

If we consider the navigational functions of iPad 2, we can see they are almost no different of the ordinary car GPS-navigators. Thanks to a special module in iPad 2, the satellite monitoring system – GPS determines the geographic coordinates of iPad 2, of the given altitude and velocity of movement in space.

The GPS receiver embedded in iPad 2 provides the information on the location and speed as well as works out its own optimal route on a pre-uploaded control points. On the road, iPad 2 GPS-navigator systematically alerts the owner by voice and on the screen about all the maneuvers and optimizes the route in “real time”.

Remarkable that iPad 2 GPS-navigator considers not only the traffic direction, but traffic jams as well. The embedded GPS receiver ensures reliability of position around the world, allowing iPad 2 users to determine their geographical coordinates, altitude, velocity and time in any weather and anytime.

Using iPad 2, you can easily select the best variant of your walk, by self-amending according to the movement type – emergency, off-road or the shortest one.

The advantage of apps (that allows to use Ipad 2 as a GPS-navigator) is that except the navigation they contain information reference about different cities, countries and time zones.

Taking into account the fact that GPS function in iPad 2 covers all the corners of the globe, – iPad 2 makes your journey much more comfortable not just for the drivers but for walkers.

When installing the GPS apps on iPad 2, walkers should better use free Google maps, which automatically set quite acceptable routes for the search of one or another object (even in the lack of the Internet).

For navigating the roads, Apple has developed more advanced GPS apps for iPad 2. They are interesting by their 3D view and the integration with such social networks as Facebook, Twitter and Google Search.

The unique features of iPad 2 are that GPS receiver embedded in iPad 2 is compatible with the service A-GPS, which helps to promptly get information on the current satellite position through the cellular network. Given that the transmission of GPS signal from the satellite can be blocked by high buildings or terrain. A-GPS calculates the location of iPad 2 by connecting to the satellite via cellular towers. A-GPS service greatly accelerates the process of coordinates determination, reducing the delay time of transmission the signal from satellite – from several minutes up to several dozen seconds.

GPS-navigator in your car

So, if you want to use the PC tablet Apple iPad 2 as a GPS-navigator in your car – you should take care about handy iPad 2 accessories beforehand.

Qualitative iPad 2 mount for car allows you to securely fasten your iPad 2 in vertical or horizontal position, so you could use the GPS-navigator, easily operating or watching videos.

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