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iPad 2: an appearance overview

On September 6, 2011, in iPad Reviews, by David

iPad 2 is equiped

Before turning on of any Apple device, you certainly read the manual. The same thing with the new iPad 2 – you read Apple iPad 2 user guide. This guide surely contains the detailed description of its appearance, functions and so on. But probably many of you would like to look through the description of iPad 2 appearance right before the purchasing of iPad 2. So, today we present you a short Apple iPad 2 review about its appearance, so you could decide whether you need to buy Apple iPad 2 or not, and so you could see its beneficial side.

Okay, if you take Apple iPad 2 in your hands, you will see that the screen of iPad 2 became smoother and more resistant to various pollutions and scratches. Apple producers have made an iPad 2 display from safety glass with oleophobic coating. As we’ve mentioned before, this coating prevents the screen from fingerprints and dust. On the front side of Apple iPad 2 you can see the little front camera (for making FaceTime and Skype video calls).

There is another camera on the backside of Apple iPad 2. It is larger than the front camera and is meant for making video or photo shots. The iPad 2 back cover is made of aluminum, being flattened much more comparing to the first Apple iPad. As a result, iPad 2 is easy to hold in hands, besides it is much lighter than the first Apple iPad tablet.

IPad 2 is equipped with a minimal number of buttons: the “home” button is as usual downwards the display, the rest of buttons are placed on backsides of the Apple iPad 2.

  • Volume control (up/down) button – it is placed on the left back side of iPad 2.
  • Screen rotation lock / Silent button – placed also on left backside.
  • Micro Sim slot (only for Apple iPad 2 ‘3G version’) – on the right backside of iPad 2. The 3G version of Apple iPad 2 has got a black plate inserted on the top backside of device.
  • On / off / Sleep / wake button – on the bottom of iPad 2.
  • Headphones 3.5mm slot – on the top right side.

All control buttons of Apple iPad 2 make it a handy device for everyone. In other words – it is the ease, Apple iPad 2 availability and nothing more. So, think how smart, convenient and beautifully Apple iPad 2 was made. Since it is on sale at affordable price, you may not have doubts to buy Apple iPad 2 online.

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