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Ten hours of continuous operation of Apple iPad 2 – it is a good thing of course. But what if you are on the way for more than ten hours?

Each person someday gets in situation, when his device (whether iPod, or iPad or whatever) turns off in the middle of the way – in most inappropriate moment. Well, of course, you check all the charging indicators, recharging them to the full, before going to a trip. But things happen, time flies by, so your iPad 2 may turn off from the continuous movie, or music you’ve been watching or listening to. And you still have long way to go… It’s sad…and boring. What do you do so your favorite iPod or iPad 2 doesn’t stop working during a long trip? Today we are going to give you some tips on how to prolong the battery life on Apple iPad 2.

Use the new Software updates

Apple developers constantly update the energy consumption properties of their devices. There are sometimes drawbacks though, but most of new firmwares for iPad 2 “eat” less energy than ever.

Brightness Control

Change the brightness of iPad 2 display as follows: Settings → Brightness and Wallpaper.
Usually, each iPad 2 has an auto brightness by default, so you can change it by moving the indicator to the left. Thereby you can save some energy by adjusting the brightness on your Apple iPad 2.

Auto brightness by default

Turn off 3G Wi-Fi and Location Services

Let’s say you’re not going to use those while traveling, so it is better to turn off 3G, Wi-Fi and Location Services on your Apple iPad 2. This way you can significantly save battery energy, since Wi-Fi, 3G and especially Location Service take it quite a lot.

Adjust your Mail and Notifications

You may be surprised, but push messages also take the battery energy, so you should go to: Settings → Mail → Contacts → Calendars → Fetch New Data. As you may guess, you can set “off” on “Push” and adjust the time of receiving the messages yourself. Battery lasts longer, plus there’ll be no bunch of bulk messages on your iPad 2. Same thing with Notifications. Go to: Settings → Notifications → Off. That’s it, from now on you won’t be notified and interrupted each moment any updates or new game come on ITunes.

The last but not the least:

Lock the iPad 2

That’s right, you should not forget to lock your Apple iPad 2 when you are on trip. Surprisingly, but it also influences on energy consumption. Just set an auto block or press special Sleep/Wake button. For Auto lock you go to Settings → General → Auto lock.

These are just a few tips on how to optimize the work of Apple iPad 2 for those who have it and for those who is just going to buy Apple iPad 2.
In general, you get a perfect trip-assistant and friend on trip, if you buy iPad 2 now. For those who know nothing on where to buy iPad 2, there is a reliable and fast way to do it. Just follow our link and visit our website so you could buy iPad 2 cheap. That’s right – the easiest and affordable place to buy Apple iPad 2 new generation – it is to buy iPad 2 online.

Just follow our simple tips and enjoy the outstanding work of Apple iPad 2 during all the trip!

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