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“Green energy” or solar energy is getting more popular among different people, due to its safety relatively the electricity.
As you may know, one of the most popular types of charging gadgets or any other low-energy devices is the sun energy. In fact, different companies already use the energy of the Sun to create an alternative for gadgets. Thus, there are different accessories for mobile devices that use this “green energy”.

The problem was that such green chargers should have a large size in order to produce enough energy at least for a mobile phone. However, the latest development of Voltaic Company has managed to solve this problem. Today, Voltaic presents you some special appliance for Apple iPad. It is a so-called Apple iPad 2 case.


Applience for Apple iPad

The new compact backpack called Voltaic Spark is made especially for Apple iPad but can also hold many other things and gadgets, like: iPhone, iPod, wallet, keys and some necessary stuff. It is a knapsack-looking bag made of rigid materials that are water-resistant and stand up to impacts. This backpack is made of 600D fabric, which in turn was made of ex-plastic bottles.

The solar panels are placed in the outer side of Voltaic Spark backpack, able to produce up to 8 W of pure energy. The lightness and UV-protection are among the main advantages of Voltaic Spark backpack for Apple iPad 2. See for yourself: the solar panels and V39 battery have common weight about 2.5 lb.

The new appliance for Apple iPad 2 can charge several devices at once: the Apple iPad 2 and any of the small gadgets (iPhone, iPod, camera, etc.). The pleasant addition is that Voltaic Spark comes with five extra five adapters for most popular types of devices.

The battery of Voltaic Spark for iPad tablet uses the solar energy and is fully charged in 10 hours. Well, if you decided to recharge your iPod or iPhone, or whatever compatible with Voltaic Spark – the charging time can vary.

The great news is that Voltaic Spark for Apple iPad 2 is now available online. So, once you have an iPad 2, or just want to buy Apple iPad 2 online – you should thing over purchasing the Voltaic Spark too. It is lightweight, handy, roomy and uses “green power” – solar energy.

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