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Expecting the new iPad 3: Components

On September 13, 2011, in Apple iPad 2 news, by David

Apple does not stand still, along with progress. Every time when developing a new product, Apple producers improve it completely: both its appearance and inner content as well.

Very little time has passed since the occurrence of Apple iPad 2 on the world market, but today Apple producers are already talking about the creation of the new iPad 3 tablet and even announcing its approximate release date.

Being delighted by such news, many newspapers, magazines and online resources publish a variety of information on the new iPad 3 every day. However, we have yet to figure out what is true and what’s not.

The same thing is with supposed components of new iPad 3 tablet. Recently, an online distributor SW-Box has published several images of iPad 3 components. The presented below images show three components: Silent/Ringer switch, Power Button and Volume up/down control buttons.

iPad 3 Components

images of iPad 3
According to these data, Apple uses the same materials as in iPad 2 in these components of upcoming iPad 3, though build of device and the location of controls differ. As it was mentioned before, it’s getting quite difficult to figure out whether those pictures are real or fake. Besides, only specialists can recognize the differences and special keys in that construction. Nevertheless, in case SW-Box presented a truthful information on its resource, we can surely say Apple has already started the production of innovative iPad 3, which is good news for millions of Apple fans by the way.

Some experts assume that the release of new Apple iPad 3 version will be attached to the release of upcoming Apple iPhone 5, yet they do not know any specific release dates. Until then, we all look forward to the emergence of new Apple iPad 3, hoping than we’ll be able to buy new iPad 3 online in the nearest future.

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