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The occurence of iPad 2

The release of iPad 2 became one of the major events of this year. Well, it’s important not just for fans but for the Apple company and for the entire industry. Lately, Apple had no competitors in this field, the iPad product has been nothing to compare with. And today iPad 2 is widely compared with its first version.

The occurrence of iPad device became truly a revolution on market of electronic products. Although different foreign companies began developing tablet computers that were similar to Apple iPad, they were doomed to fail. Apple iPad took its personal place on market; many people were curious about the features of this device. And very soon, iPad became very popular not only within the USA but in many other countries.

But with the advent of new iPad 2 the competitors of Apple Company were left far behind. The new version of iPad causes a lot of questions. What is it, a new up-dated variant of iPad or a completely new device? Is it worth of buying, or not? These questions usually arise, when a new device is coming on sale. Let’s find out the answers together.

First, when you see iPad and iPad 2, you can see their difference at once – it’s the size:

iPad                                                        iPad 2
height: 9.56 inches                             height: 9.49 inches
width: 7.48 inches                               width: 7.31 inches
depth: 0.51 inches                               depth: 0.34 inches

The size does not differ much, but once you took iPad 2 and iPad in your hands, you can feel the difference at once. This includes the weight of course too. The new iPad 2 became 0.18 lbs lighter than iPad first edition.

The rest of differences include the new 1GHz Dual Core processor Apple A5, whereas iPad 1 had 1 Ghz Apple A4 processor. According to producers and consumers, iPad 2 works significantly faster, though not longer than iPad. The display, connectivity, operation system and flash drive – remained unchanged. On the other hand, the consumers can enjoy the video shooting (making pictures, photos, video, video calls) with the new Apple iPad 2. The device has got two cameras – front and back (supports 720p HD video recording), plus the TV connection via Apple Digital AV Adapter. What’s more, iPad 2 has Bluetooth Connection, which is also necessary to those users, who likes the easiest and fast connection.

As you can see, iPad 2 became an up-dated version of its famous predecessor, made for those who likes to move forward. If you are such a person, who needs only high-quality and handy devices, you should try iPad 2. Today, it is possible to buy iPad 2 at lower price. You just need to follow the online stores, which provide the fullest information and offer to buy iPad 2 online 24/7. Choose the best technologies, make an order at reliable online store and make your dream come true!

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