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Apple iPad: Interesting facts

On August 22, 2011, in Apple iPad online, by David

example of iPad use

Although iPad is still a new and quite expensive Apple device, people from all over the world have already estimated the benefits from its usage. For example its weight – comparing to the notebook, it’s times two lighter, which makes it a great assistant in traveling.

When buying iPad, most people assume it will help them to read books, mail and news no matter where they are at the moment. According to surveys, iPad is very convenient in managing projects by using Campfire or Lighthouse programs, when you are in town. Don’t forget about such bonuses, like games, audio, video, photo frame, etc. All this offers you iPad.

Different companies (and simply ordinary users) note lots of advantages of using Apple iPad. For example, it’s the car manual for buyers of Hyundai Genesis. Every US customer gets this interactive “book”. They say, it’s great to have one device, which will replace the textbooks. Only imagine: iPad can show you the formulas, colored illustrations and video of course.

Another example of iPad use at work: Mercedes-Benz staff got iPad for filling in the loan application for buying a car. Now, the process comes much faster and saves time for customers service. The consultant can tell a customer whether he gets a credit or not, right away in a car. Or for example, the service manager receives a car, pointing the condition or any damages of a car at the screen of iPad.

What about doctors in hospitals? Imagine, for instance, a doctor visits his patient in the ward. Having iPad, he logs in the data base and gets all the necessary information about this patient (history, tests, x-rays, prescribed medications, etc.). Impressive? We believe all the developed countries will have iPads in the nearest future. Just imagine how convenient it can be! The use of Apple iPads in medicine or in other areas of service, will save much time and rise the service on the highest level. Moreover, we believe, the use of iPad will help to improve the quality of services in many fields. Well, probably this was the main goal of Apple Company producers, when they created iPad.

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