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Apple iPad 2: Making the video

On September 7, 2011, in iPad Reviews, by David

Movie Mount for Apple iPad 2


iPad 2 with Movie Mount

Have you ever dreamed about making your own movie? Imagine yourself a film director…

And today it is possible – the new accessory for Apple iPad 2, which is called Movie Mount from Makayama will help any person to become a movie maker. Since the very advent of new Apple iPad 2, no one is surprised by all kinds of accessories and applications specifically designed for it. However, this novelty has already found its admirers among the Apple fans and iPad 2 owners.

It is important to note that Movie Mount was not declared as a separate video camera, not at all. In fact, some foreign companies have once again taking care of the iPad 2 owners and their preferences. It’s great when you can purchase the Movie Mount to addition of your Apple iPad 2 tablet, isn’t it? Hence, you can improve it and your skills in photo and video shooting.

So, what is this “Movie Mount” all about? The device it is a cover or special mount, which perfectly fixes the iPad 2 in one position, so you could hold it upside down – it it never falls. Next, this special mount allows you to attach to it a tripod (any), external microphone, various lenses, lights and other accessories necessary for professional photography. Well, maybe the professionals use some other devices, but you can use Apple iPad 2 with Movie Mount attached, to create videos and movies as good as on the professional camera.

filming with iPad 2

Okay, so here are the tools and additional possibilities you can get, when buying Movie Mount for your Apple iPad 2:

  1. Perfect Digital camera (that widens the capacities of your iPad 2 camera);
  2. Stable mount and multifunctional cover (so you can place the iPad 2 lying or standing on the table to work with documents or for watching the video);
  3. two standard hot shoes (one on the top of iPad and another on the side) for accessories to be attached (e.g.: microphone, lights);
  4. two lenses – wide angle lens and tele lens (for expanding your skills in video shooting);
  5. external microphone – removes the external noise and makes the sound more clear;
  6. lights – also a very important accessory for each photographer or operator. Once you try to shoot in the dark, you’ll see how good and helpful it is;
  7. optical viewfinder – it helps you to shoot in sunny weather.

You can choose the number of compatible accessories for the Movie Mount on your own, it depends on your preferences. What’s good – the Movie Mount from Makayama is not expensive at all. So, if you like shooting or want to update your Apple iPad 2 – the Movie Mount is an accessory you need. Just imagine: you go on a journey in some beautiful place or country, so you need to take minimum stuff with you. Apple iPad 2 is flat enough to fit your knapsack and all the Movie Mount accessories can fit into a small bag. It’s better than dragging along a whole bunch of tools and a professional camera. Not to mention the fact that your iPad 2 tablet serves you as a laptop computer, in contrast to conventional cameras. This means that you save maximum space in your luggage. Amazing, isn’t it?

You can place your iPad 2 with Movie Mount at the picturesque landscape, for example at the shore. Just fix your tripod securely, by choosing the best shooting angle and start shooting. No one will even guess you were filming with iPad 2. The picture is stable, sounds are clear and the colors are bright. It will look as if it were filmed for the Discovery Channel and not by an ordinary user for his home collection.

Some of you already have a new Apple iPad 2, some of you don’t. Either way, the new accessory for iPad 2 tablet – Movie Mount may seem useful to anyone. And if you still don’t have the new Apple tablet, it’s just the right time to buy Apple iPad 2 online, since you know its amazing features and since its capacities are expanded every day. Make yourself happy and feel like a real operator and director of your own film!

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