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Apple iPad – “magic device”

On August 30, 2011, in iPad Reviews, by David

Most people, who prefer highest quality and modern technologies, are familiar with Apple devices. The fact that Apple products (iPhone, iPod and iPad) are popular worldwide proves that Apple Company comes up with the times and uses the most advanced technologies and latest developments to create its “magic” devices.

Touch screen keyboard

Apple producers know how to please the consumer, because they always take into account the preferences of each customer. They pay attention to every detail, and therefore Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad gain more fans every year.

However, iPad and iPad 2 stand out among the rest Apple products for today. The managing director Tim Cook talked about the magic of iPad use before the very iPad release to the public. Thus, the standard description of iPad was a “magic device” on each conference.

But what does Apple mean, when saying the “magic device”? Well, it’s not so difficult to guess why Apple hates promotion of its products by means of technical characteristics. The Apple advertising is simply focused on consumer, but not on the description of technical properties of iPad. What they use – it is the term “magic” that describes the feelings, which consumer gets when he uses Apple device. Apple advertisers use minimum words when speaking about its products, sometimes saying just: “It just works.” In fact, people realize that Magic Trackpad, for instance, is just an advanced trackpad. It can detect several fingers and recognize multiple complex gestures. So, this is the magic peculiarity of iPad.

So the “magic iPad tablet” is in fact the result of many years development of software and hardware. Apple producers, describe iPad as well as other devices as magical products, because the experience of these devices usage is truly amazing. “It simply works” and “Aha!” are used to describe the hidden possibilities of Apple products. For example, if you press and hold for a while any key on touch iPad keyboard, you can see a special detailed menu that appears after your clicking. Usually, people find out about it by chance. Once finding out some little special applications, you will be surprised how smart and handy they can be.

There are many other little surprises and details in the new iPad that will please any user. Since the iPad release date, producers didn’t tell all the secrets of iPad. It is always interesting and amazing to learn more by you, isn’t it? Well, these little secrets make Apple iPad/iPad 2 a “magical device”. Perhaps, such details attract most consumers, when they compare Apple iPad 2 vs. other tablets. But whatever reason was, people love Apple iPad, iPod or iPhone not for the promotion and advertisement, but for their best quality and detailed thought-out technology. It’s not about the wish to look cool, but to use top-quality devices, though they do look cool.

Thus, it’s no coincidence that people who once tried Apple, further use only Apple products. Once you try iPad, you won’t buy anything else. For that reason, Apple producers decided not to change the new iPad 2 price. Today, you can buy iPad 2 online at the same price of the first iPad version. It is an excellent proof that Apple cares about its consumers, isn’t it?

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