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Smart Cover

Each modern electronic device requires various accessories, depending on the preferences of a consumer. Apple iPad 2 is not an exception. Since the very presentation of Apple iPad 2, many different accessories occurred from the famous Smart Cover to special stylus.

However, we have chosen the most popular must-have accessories that any iPad 2 user may need.

Like it was mentioned before, Smart Cover was designed by Apple itself and perfectly fits iPad 2. The function of Smart Cover was first of all, to cover the iPad 2 screen in order to prevent from damage, fingerprints or dust. Indeed, Smart Cover is made of top-quality materials (soft from the inside – polyurethane/leather from the outside).

The cover is composed of the four separate parts, which make the cover flexible enough to create different shapes. Just open it a little bit and your iPad 2 wakes up, close the cover – and your iPad 2 goes back to sleep. Roll the cover up backwards, like it shown on the picture, and you’ll have a handy and stable desktop stand for your iPad 2.

Four plates help to shape the desktop-stand so that your iPad 2 could either stand upright, or lie at an angle for your comfortable use. Smart Cover is attached on special magnets, so it doesn’t come off even if you hold the iPad 2 for the cover. Smart Covers are so amazing and useful, that millions of users have already bought them.

Ipad 2 Smart Cover comes in ten colors, so you can create your own style by ordering blue, pink, white, grey, black, red, green, orange, navy or beige color cover. Depending on the material (five made of polyurethane / five of true leather), Smart Cover price is different. Thus, the manufacturers did their best to please each customer.

Keyboard Dock for iPad 2

For those, who can’t live without a keyboard, or work on documents a lot, Apple created a Keyboard Dock. This tool includes a dock-connector for charging PC tablet iPad and a separate keyboard which is full-sized for handy working. The dock is connected either to the electrical outlet, or via the USB-cable to the computer.

So now you can enjoy working on your iPad 2 as if you were working on desktop PC. Buy your Keyboard Dock and create your personal office!


Support Backpack

It’s a stylish and useful support backpack for iPad 2, made by Quirky. Trek Support backpack looks like an ordinary knapsack, except it’s not. Trek support can accommodate all the Apple products. It has a special place for a 15” notebook, iPhone, PC tablet (iPad), camera, etc. All sections are separated with a special web, which keeps all devices safe.

The design is elegant, the texture is smooth and soft to touch and zippers are strong, so you can stop worrying about your devices. The main advantage of Support Backpack is the removable panel (DCP) that can charge all devices from the knapsack. What’s more, each section has its own cable and the main power is connected to an ordinary outlet. Support Backpack is a perfect accessory, necessary in every trip.

Booqpad Agenda

Booqpad Agenda is a special case designed for iPad 2. It is made of both soft leather and fake leather; available in different colors. It perfectly suits for businessmen, since it includes in itself a case for iPad 2 and notebook, where you can leave your notes on paper.

The Booqpad Agenda is very light and looks elegant. You can take it whenever you go – no one can guess you carry a PC tablet. Besides that, Booqpad Agenda saves your iPad 2 from damages.

Gunnar eyewear

These glasses will help you to view all things better, while working on iPad 2.

Besides the stylish shape and pleasant light-yellow color of glasses, they also protect the eyes from the negative influence of PC, TV set, iPad 2 or any other screens.

Apple iPad 2 In-Ear Headphones

Although iPad In-Ear Headphones with remote and mic were issued in 2008 by Apple company, they are still among the best headphones for iPad. Indeed, many iPad 2 users admit that In-Ear Headphones are most comfortable and qualitative for music listening or watching video on iPad/iPad 2.

Every time you use these headphones, you feel like it’s the first time you’re listening your favorite music!


Otterbox Latch

There is a hand-free tool among the new must-have accessories – Otterbox Latch. It’s a hands-free device, designer to ease your moves and work on iPad 2.

Otterbox Latch is a kind of bag for the tablet with some special straps that hold the iPad from the corners. You can pull your hand over the special handle, so that your iPad 2 could comfortably lie on your palm. It’s a very good and necessary tool for those, who prefer walking a lot or working outside.


Digital AV Adapter

This device is made for Apple iPad 2 in order to expand the possibilities. If you want to view photos or movies on a big screen, you should buy Digital AV Adapter.

The effect is amazing: you can see the images in same resolution and colors as at your iPad 2. Connect it to your iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4 or iPod and you will enjoy the picture on a wide screen!

Nomad Brush (stylus-brush) for iPad 2

A brand new stylus-brush Nomad Brush is designed for every iPad 2 user, who likes drawing or painting the pictures. With the help of Nomad Brush you can create your favorite pictures on iPad 2, as if you were drawing on an ordinary sheet of paper.

Because Nomad Brush is made of best-quality conductive materials, it works perfectly, allowing to draw even the finest lines. You can use Nomad stylus-brush as a regular stylus as well. If you are an artist or just a beginner, you can buy Nomad Brush here.

Invisible shield for iPad 2

For those people, who take care of their equipment and things, ZAGG has made a special invisible shield. This protective film covers the whole surface of your iPad 2, so the screen is safe from the scratches, fingerprints and other possible damages. Especially produced from top-quality and high-strength materials, ZAGG Invisible Shield is truly an indispensable protector for the most vulnerable part of your PC Tablet iPad 2 – the screen.

If you want to protect your new device, you just need to buy Invisible Shield for iPad 2 here.

Camera Connection Kit for iPad 2

If you like to take photos of nature of your friends, if you like to travel a lot and want to save all the picture you’ve made, then iPad Camera Connection Kit is what you need. Let’s say you have a digital camera or it’s your iPhone, you can easily take pictures wherever you are and after that just use the Camera Connection Kit to move your photos from iPhone or camera to your iPad.

Import the pictures by two ways: via the USB-cable and directly through the SD card. Travel, dream and create your own images and watch them on the wide screen of iPad 2!

Mophie Juice Power station for iPad 2

You have iPad 2 and you like to watch movies or play games all day long, but every device has a limited charging. And iPad 2 has ten hours of continuous operation without recharging. Therefore you might like the new Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. It prolongs the “life” of your iPad 2 or iPhone when you’re out of reach from the outlet or PC.

If you buy Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation here you can save your money and enjoy the work of light re-charger for your iPad 2.

Toddy Gear Smart Clothes (clean your screen) for iPad 2

Once you have decided to buy iPad 2, you just need to take care of its safety and cleanness. And this is where you might need Toddy Gear Smart Cloths. Made of plush on one side and microfiber on the other, Toddy Gear smart Cloths can clean up the screen from any pollution. Besides this, Toddy Smart Cloths protect from the microbes and even micro-mold!

So let’s see what you get when you buy Toddy Gear Smart Cloths online for iPad 2: the screen is safe from the dust and fingerprints; no microbes or mold; the smooth and shiny screen thanks to microfiber for grinding and polishing.

Hard Candy Stylus for iPad 2

A unique stylus-pen from Hard Candy fits every user of iPad, iPhone or iPod. The shiny metal cover, nice and smooth surface of this stylus, is good-looking and very handy for use. Hard Candy Stylus combines a pen (perfect writing and elegant style) and stylus with a soft tip on the other side.

While working on your favorite iPad 2, you just need to have this tool, so you can buy Hard Candy stylus online anytime. Remove the cap from one side – and you have stylus for working on touch-screen; remove the cap from the other side – and you have a wonderful pen (so you can make notes on paper).

ZAGGmate for Apple iPad 2

We introduce you a 2 in 1 accessory for iPad 2. A new ZAGGmate combines a wireless keyboard and iPad 2 case in one device. Convenient, thin and stylish keyboard-case ZAGGmate is probably the most advanced development of ZAGG Company for Apple iPad 2. You can close it and your iPad 2 is ready for transportation, open it – and you can place the iPad 2 on it, making it like a notebook.

We don’t say you should necessarily buy ZAGGmate for Apple iPad 2, but if you decide to buy ZAGGmate online, you’ll be very pleased by its convenience and the way it works. Well, ZAGGmate is perfect for those, who have difficulty typing on touch-keyboard.

CF Card Reader for iPad 2

A small, light and easy to use CF Card Reader for iPad 2 is a necessary accessory for all users – the beginners and advanced ones. It has a Compact Flash slot, the USB port and dock connector in one device. All you have to do is to connect it with iPad and after that insert the Compact Flash card into it.

CF Card Reader supports RAW format as well as 1080p HD video. It’s compatible with Compact Flash type 1 (not type 2). The USB port can accept all USB devices for charging or connection. Order CF Card reader for iPad 2 online and enjoy your work!


Targus Car charger for iPad 2

It’s no secret that lots of people “spend their lives in a car”. If you are such a person and you have any of Apple devices, Targus Car Charger may help you. This small charger allows to charge your iPad/iPad2, iPhone or iPod via car outlet with 12V.

If you forgot to charge your iPad 2, you can take Targus Car Charger with you – it’s small-sized and flexible. Make your life free – buy Targus Car Charger with USB for iPad 2 online.

Apple iPad 2 Skins

Special skins for Apple iPad 2 are made of different materials: premium Carbon, polycarbonate and top-quality leather.

Apple iPad 2 skins are set on a backside of iPad, which provides a great adhesion with the palm, and thus you can hold the PC tablet iPad 2 on your hand stably. You can buy Apple iPad 2 Skins online of any kind you like at a low price.

Hanfree for iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 was designed as most convenient and contemporary advanced device. However, different users still in need for accessories that help to diversify the work on PC tablet iPad 2. Such tool is new Hanfree, created in order to free up the user’s hands. Hanfree, is a floor stand which holds the iPad 2 in fixed position.

Hanfree is high enough to be used in bedroom, while you’re lying in bed, or sitting on the chair. Just place your iPad 2 into a transparent frame and tap it with one hand. If you love convenience, you should definitely buy Hanfree online.

ICade for Apple iPad 2

Perhaps, iCade is the most incredible and new accessory, or better say game application for iPad in recent time. It is designed in old-fashion style, so you can feel as if you were playing a slot machine again. It’s fun, isn’t it? Icade is as simple as Game Boy, you just need to insert your iPad 2 into a special cradle.

Ipad 2 is attached via Bluetooth. You’ve always dreamed to have a mini-slot machine, haven’t you? Now you can have it. Just order iCade Apple iPad 2 online and enjoy your spare time!

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