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So here it is – a long expecting, promising, the one and only The New iPad of third generation! You’ve been waiting for so long and now you have it. So let’s take a closer look at this fabulous device Apple made for us.

Despite million Apple fans expectations, the New iPad became a so-called updated reproduction of the previous version, rather than an absolute revolutionary iPad tablet. This doesn’t mean however that The New iPad (let’s call it the way the producers do, but not iPad 3) has nothing to offer to advanced and rookie user.

First of all, the New iPad has less differences with iPad 2, unlike the difference between iPad and iPad 2. But let’s recall the characteristics of iPad 2 and The New iPad.



As it was mentioned before, The New iPad is much different to iPad 2 from the outside. The same solid aluminum body with rounded angles and flat back panel, just like in the iPad 2. As for the weight and thickness of the body, The New iPad is a little bit heavier and thicker (but it’s probably because of a stronger battery).

iPad 2                                                      The New iPad

Weight: 601 g                                          Weight: 652 g

Depth: 8.8 mm                                        Depth: 9.4 mm

Height: 241 mm                                      Height: 241 mm

Width: 185.7 mm                                     Width: 185.7 mm

All the keys remained at the same places like in iPad 2: the big home button on the bottom of the front panel and volume control on top. Also there is a front camera for face time calls and ambient light sensor on the front panel. The back panel has traditional Apple logo and the brand name of the device plus 5 megapixel rare camera with 1080p video capacity. At the bottom of the back panel we see a traditional speaker and charging slot (note: the battery doesn’t start charging until you close all applications).



Brand new Retina display is the revolution for The New iPad and it’s no wonder. Incredible picture clarity is striking at first sight to The New iPad display. Once you take The New iPad in your hands, you will forget that you are holding an electronic device. It’s true, because high-resolution Retina display makes any picture, any image so realistic that you feel like you are reading a book, or listing a real photo album.

The New iPad characteristics:


Display: 9.7” LED

Resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels / 264ppi

High-resolution Retina display, multi-touch fingerprint and scratch resistant oleophobic surface of the display; auto-rotate sensor and three-axis gyroscope sensor; ambient light sensor; accelerometer

Processor: Dual-core Apple A5X with 1GHz (integrated quad-core graphic processor)


Flash memory: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB

Colors available: black, white

Battery: Li-polymer battery with 42.5-Watt / hour work capacity (up to 10 hours of work, including the web surfing; watching videos; playing games or music listening)

Wi-Fi: 802.11 1/b/g/n

Bluetooth: 4.0

Connectivity: dock-connector, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, speaker and microphone

Front camera: Face Time VGA camera (up to 30 frames / second)

Rear camera: 5Mpix iSight camera with autofocus, face detection, video recording and stabilization

Browser: Safari

Multi-language support

Other characteristics: VoiceOver screen reader; large fonts; full-screen zoom magnification. Audio formats supported: MP3, MP3 VBR, WAV, HE-AAC (V1 and V2), AAC, Protected AAC, AIFF and Apple Lossless.


Obviously some of the New iPad characteristics are incredibly different from the previous version iPad 2. First of all, it’s the Retina display. For those, who doubt whether they should change iPad 2 to The New iPad, we say yes, you definitely should. The display is so much different with vibrant colors and outstanding clarity that it’s worth buying just for this.


Secondly, it’s about quality and speed of graphics, you can see it when playing  games on The New iPad. This time it is much faster and vivid. Let’s not forget about RAM capacity, which becomes 2 times higher than in iPad 2 (512Mb → 1GB). Another benefit is quality of photo and video shooting. The New iPad has integrated camera of iPhone 4 – called iSight. It allows to make videos and pictures of greater quality.


The New iPad supports 4G, but if you used to 3G version it works just as well as in iPad 2. And last but not least benefit is that The New iPad is compatible to almost all the accessories for iPad 2. So you don’t have to worry about it, if you already have some cases or covers from your iPad 2. Smart Cover, for instance, fits The New iPad perfectly, so you can save money on some accessories.


Just as iPad 2, The New iPad has got built-in applications, plus many other useful applications that you can upload from Apple Store. In The New iPad you have:


Safari, Mail, Messages, Photos, Face Time, Newsstand (which is very convenient and pleasant to read), App Store, iTunes, Videos, Maps, Music, Game Center, Photo Booth, You Tube, Contacts, Reminders, Calender, Notes and Camera. But you can find many other new applications that help you to enjoy using The New iPad to the full. The New iPad will become your indispensable assistant. Using different applications, it helps you to choose your daily outfit, reminds you to water the flowers, gives million of cooking recipes, reminding about important meetings and many more.

Because The New iPad have no limits for your imagination and abilities, you can use it wherever you want: during a trip, at home, in the street or in your bed. It is mobile, lightweight and multi-functional device from Apple. For example, you can:


Еру new iPad online

Send emails


This time the email client became even more convenient and fun. You can open the message and see all the attachments in there without opening them. In addition, you can group the messages from one contact into one folder and follow your conversation. The email client supports 50 languages and such popular services as Google Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo! So you can customize your contacts and find new ones.


Surf the Web with Safari


Web surfing is easy and much faster in The New iPad, so you can use it in bed, sitting at the table or when traveling. Now it has a new super fast 4G wireless connectivity, which makes uploading stuff faster than ever. If you live in the U.S. or in Canada, you can upload music, videos and anything else amazingly fast.


Read Books


The iBooks application allows to upload any book you see on the shelf by one click. Well, this application is pretty much the same as in iPad 2, except for one thing: super realistic and clear text view, as if you were reading the real book. Unlike iPad 2, The New iPad displays even the smallest font without blurring the overall picture. The pixels are so small that you see every single character clearly. In addition, iCloud helps to synchronize your library to all the Apple devices you have, so you can read your favorite book on any of them.

Play Games


Oh yes! The new Retina display does its job perfectly. Although some games (like Angry birds) were not updated for it yet, the others look amazingly realistic and run much faster than on iPad 2.

Make pictures


Apple developers decided not to stop on Retina display and make a better camera for The New iPad. Meet iSight, which allows to film and make pictures of higher resolution and clarity. You don’t need to take a camera with you in the trip, The New iPad combines everything you need.

Face Time Calls


Another useful application, which helps you communicating with friends and family. Regular calls are not fun enough anymore, now you want to see your contact while speaking with him. Face Time application helps to do that easily. Some may say that all this was in the iPad 2, but now you have 4G and it makes your conversation even clearer and connects to the contact faster.  You can talk to your opponent and see his face clearly, even if he or she is far away. Two cameras allow to switch the view, so your friend could see you and everything around you. Share your experience!

Read news


The newsstand application is first of all very beautiful. It contains and stores different newspapers and magazines you like to read. You can find fresh news and interesting stories here. Subscribe to you favorite editions and you will receive the latest news in the newsstand. Maybe you didn’t know about this iPAd application before, but if you buy The New iPad and check it out, you’ll be amazed how cool it is.



Chatting can be even more interesting and quicker on The New iPad. Share your thoughts, pictures or locations in one single message, or join group conversation. You will enjoy communicating with people you love on The New iPad.

In general all the applications are very helpful and handy. Watch the calendar, make notes and notifications, register contacts or play Angry Birds and watch You Tube, whatever you choose, The New iPad will amaze you by its high performance and usability.

For the conclusion it’s worth to say that Apple kept its promise and created an updated The New iPad to please even the most sophisticated user. Everyone decides for himself whether buy The new iPad or not, but if you own the very first version of iPad, you’ll see the great difference.


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